Media Reports:

In the next 15 years, every citizen of the country will have houses where there will be pucca toilets, two wheelers or four wheelers, electricity, air conditioners and internet connectivity. Niti Aayog is going ahead with such a plan.

In the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Ministers of the various state governments on Sunday, Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya presented ‘Vision 2031-32’ in the meeting of the Governing Council of the Aayog.

He said India needs to be progressive, healthy, safe, free of corruption, full of energy, environmentally transparent and dominant state.

For this, Arvind presented a blue-print. It has been said that all the transportation system of the country will be improved and modernized. As the road, rail, water and air transport system increases, so will the technological advancement. According to the Aayog, the quality of air and water quality of the country will increase greatly.

In addition, ‘Vision 2031-32’ has been said that in the next 15 years, the country’s per capita (average income per head) will be three times the present. Document presents, currently (in terms of financial year 2015-16), who earns Rs.1.06 lakh, his income will be Rs.3.14 lakhs in 2031-32.

In addition, the total internal assets (GDP) or better economy of the country, will be increased from Rs.13.7 million crore (in terms of 20@5-16 fiscal year) to Rs.46.9 million crore. Central and state spending will also increase. This estimation of the Aayog, this number will increase from present Rs.3.8 million crore to Rs.13.8 million crore.

Questions & Confusions:

When reading such news, the mind is filled with peace. But some of them question the peeks. Just as the person who has no income at present or the person who is below the poverty line, 3 times increased earnings is not the meaning of nearly empty? The news can be clearly understand that the target is centered around the middle class. Where will the cost to go if buy fuel for car and using of electricity to run AC machine? If it is assumed that the nuclear power generation or bio-fuel or other alternatives. Estomates that inflation has been stabilized here. There is no mention of the increase in the cost of living of each person as well as the increase in earnings of 3 times in 15 years. One nation, One aspiration, One determination slogan is virtually identical to the common and uninterrupted market and its elements have emerged in ‘Vision 2031-32’.

Common working people, poor people can not be benefited in any way, no matter how it explains in the way of economy. Hindu sentiment with the vote of middle class, this kind of story will continue for the next two years. 

One is where the cove is hanging.


Chinese President Shi Changing ordered to be ready for war now in the controversial context of the South China Sea. He stressed the formation of a strong military force on Friday. He told the army workers to be ready for war. He also said that he will keep a close watch on the changed situation. 

China is committed to spreading its influence on almost all parts of the South China Sea, along with various islands, about 800 miles away from China, ignoring the neglect of its neighboring countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. Even it has been known that China has built artificial islands and also stores military equipment there.

India’s first joint venture in naval exercise  with America for the first time since Donald Trump has come to power with Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force. It will be known that in July this year, the trial will be done in Malabar of the Bay of Bengal. Such a great trial has never been known before.

Indian Navy sources said, a discussion meeting in this regard soon is taking place in America. The day will be fixed there. It will also be decided that some warships will take part in the exercise. A final meeting will be held in India also. The war situation created in war. The trial is to prepare the navy for the war.

China has objected to this joint exercise. They have  not seen the cooperation of these three countries very good. Especially in Japan, they have already protested about joining this exercise. On one hand, while China has begun to dominate the Indian Ocean, among them, Beijing is clearly monitoring this exercise. A naval officer said that the aircraft carrier, nuclear powered warships will participate in the exercise. P-8I and P-8A submarine Hunter of India and America will also be seen in this exercise. Anti-submarine warfare mission will be in the Bay of Bengal.

Syria is on the road to conflict with the United States, Russia! Because recently Russia has made it clear that Russia will not even think for a moment to give the Syrian government a sophisticated missile defense system. And to prevent America through this system, Russia will give the Syrian government, as well as military observers.

Viktor Ozarov, the head of the Federal Defense Committee of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament, said that Moscow will not hesitate to supply missile defense system to protect war-torn Syria from foreign military aggression in the future. Ozarov warned that the two countries will not waste a bit of time to sign bilateral agreement on this issue.

After the North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile has been publicly released, the next step of Pyongyang is going to be greater, many South Koreans are expressing such fears.

North Korea generally chooses certain dates or opportunities to show its military power. According to South Korean officials, perhaps Pyongyang is going to test its sixth nuclear test or ICBM in its Army Foundation Day on Tuesday. Even Kim Un Jong told that it is not too late to launch ICBM.

The United Nations has already expressed deep concern that a nuclear war can take a little bit of errors, which would lead to horrific destruction in the world.

Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore wrote – In this world, the person who wants to have lots. He also wrote this – I do not want to die in this beautiful world. An unknown folk singer sings – O mind, you are free to release, where will you be released? Poetry or song that is spoken is a reflection of real life.

Real life is tough, where emotions does not work, the condition of survival is that, if you do not provide it, then you can take it off. There is no place of failure or the second opportunity is to start a new life. Human identities are bound in some numbers today. The best thing to do is overcome the whole thing, so now numerology. Now the efficiency of the people is measured by the number, its thinking is worthless. Negative or zero number is the ultimate proof of worthlessness, in a way, the burden of the world. Babu’s words are, oh,leave please, after the food is not destroyed. Rich are not responsible for your lack of money, even the government can not blame. Because that’s your fate.

You want liberation. You want freedom forever. But if you want freedom will come so easily until the life is full of the pitcher of life? By praying to God you may be seeking liberation, fate laughs lazily. Wait a bit, you do not know, it is a great sin to commit suicide, or it is written in the Scriptures. Surely, you have seen sugarcane juice on the road. Even after roasting the sugar juice from the sugarcane, the machine can not be stopped. You are wastage, no waste value. It says that you will not be able to get rid of your mistake. The earth will not give you a holiday. 

You are zero, if you can sit right at the right of the basic number, there is a price, if you get left, it is worthless. The problem is not about your zero value, the problem is with your coordinates. You know, some brothers. Do not cry or groan in a decision you have to come, either die or kill. Either martyr or hero. Personal choice, fix yourself.

The current inflation rate for the United States is 2.4% for the 12 months ended March 2017, as published on April 14, 2017 by the U  s. Labor Department.

The current inflation rate for China is 1.08% for the 12 months ended March 2017.

The current inflation rate for Russia is 4.59% for the 12 months ended February 2017.

The current inflation rate for Germany is 1.58% for the 12 months ended March 2017.

The current inflation rate for Japan is 0.20% for the 12 months ended February 2017.

The current inflation rate for Finland is 0.83% for the 12 months ended March 2017.

The current inflation rate for Canada is 2.05% for the 12 months ended February 2017.

The current inflation rate for Norway is 2.44% for the 12 months ended March 2017.

The current inflation rate for Great Britain is 2.30% for the 12 months ended March 2017.

The current inflation rate for Brazil is 4.57% for the 12 months ended March 2017.

The current inflation rate for India is 2.62% for 12 months ended February 2017.

Inflation rate for India (monthly basis) is showing such as January 2017-February 2017 is 0.00%, December 2016-January 2017 is -0.36%, November 2016-December 2016 is -0.72%, October 2016-November 2016 is -0.36%, September 2016-October 2016 is 0.34%, August 2016-September 2016 is -0.36%, July 2016-August 2016 is -0.71%, June 2016-July 2016 is 1.08%, May 2016-June 2016 is 0.73%, April 2016-May 2016 is 1.48%, March 2016-April 2016 is 1.12%, February 2016-March 2016 is 0.37%.

In india, Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Wholesale Price Index (WPI) are two major indices for measuring inflation. In United States, CPI and PPI (Producer Price Index) are two major indices. 

There are total 676 items in WPI and inflation is computed taking 5482 price quotation. These items are divided into three broad categories viz. (1) Primary Articles, (2) Fuel & Power and (3) Manufactured Products. The number of items in CPI basket include 448 in rural and 460 in urban and categorized in 6 groups.

In India, RBI uses CPI (combined) released by Central Statistics Office (CSO) for inflation purpose.

On this context of low inflation rate in India the adverse question is, why is the farmers of Tamil Nadu protesting against rats, grass in the mouth to waive up the farming loan? Even they are saying that if P. M.will not accept their demands they went to eat their faeces and urine.

Economists will say that there is no relation regarding farmers protest to inflation. CPI data is collected by holding retail sales prices and taxes. In the open market, the rice to buy is Rs.38 per kilogram. Retailers do not pay any taxes for rice sales. In the case of retail vegetable vendors, fish vendors, meat shoppers or local groceries, they also do not pay any taxes. Organized retailers pay tax. For example, various shopping malls. In reality it is seen that there is a great difference between the price of ordinary people who buy commodities at the CSO’s data. One more thing that needs to be mentioned is that WPI data is voluntary, error is not known exactly. So, the inflation rate of India which is declared officially, ordinary people does not acknowledge it seems right.

Today, in many parts of the world, racism, national hatred and extremist nationalism are becoming increasingly strong. In America, till the deaths of Indian, because of race hatred, there is a threat to the country. The new approach of issuance H-1B visa in America and cancellation of work visa in Australia; in simple sense and can say in simple text to evacuate the Asian from their soil.

For business purposes it will be called international, workplace nationalism. This is a strange quarrel for the sake of interest. The interesting thing is that no founder of the social media founded in America will not open their mouth in this issue. They will feel comfortable talking about where business interests are involved. The rest turn rounds.

India too no exceptions. Here some people wonder why Muslims will be in India? Let them go to Pakistan, Bangladesh. Again, the same image is in Pakistan, Bangladesh. From there, the Hindus are told that they should go to India. That is, the subject is seen in the smallest range in international spheres, where rivalry is the key word.

Industrialists are invited in all countries if they invest. The rules for them are as safe as possible to ensure safety. The undeclared thoughts of each country are that, let’s take the desire of foreign travel, move, look, buy thing, spend then go back. Do not think to settle permanently and earn it just carrying work visa. If you want to do this, the conflict is inevitable and in that case the country’s citizens will have to digest it, and if you can not, then return to the country. This Irish woman is doing the same thing.

This news was published in a Bengali press. Complaint of the death of a four-month-old girl in a four-month puff at doctor’s negligence. Apollo Hospitals in Kolkata, which became the battlefield from Wednesday morning. Apollo Hospitals, who are still investigating the allegations of Sanjoy Roy’s murder of Dankuni. The family members of the family were killed in the road accident. The glass doors are broken and thrown. The victims of the dead child’s house were also injured in the hospital staff. Abhijit and Shalu Chakraborty, the parent of the four-month-olf daughter of Thakurpukur, was admitted to Apollo for the colonoscopy. The couple claimed that their daughter had died due to overdose of Anesthesia during colonoscopy. The mother of the dead baby has demanded the punishment of doctors. 

On Wednesday morning, the news of Kuheli’s death, the relatives burst with anger! Kuheli is the name of the dead four-month-old baby. Initially, they filed a complaint against Apollo Hospital in Phulbagan Police Station. From there, they came to Apollo Hospital. Their demand was only one. The doctors who complained that fourth months of childbirth had died, he had to be brought forward. In the face of protests, the hospital staff closed the glass doors to enter. However, the family members of the dead child are desperate to enter inside. They started shaking with glass doors. Cluttered glass splinter. When the staff of the hospital tried to calm them down and calm and the family members of Kuheli, already the dead baby’s father is seen to be able to find the peace of the relatives. The staff of the hospital has virtually been stunned. The crowd gathered in the stairs. Nobody is daring to get up. However, the hospital authority did not want to say anything about the allegations of the treatment of the rising law against them. An official said that the details will be seen. But vandalism is unfair.

Thus, on February 15 this year, the CMRI Hospital became complaining about the allegation of sickness, CMRI Hospital. With respect to the situation, the police forces from Phulbagan, Manicktala and Narkeldanga Police Station reached on the spot and control of the police. However, they take a few hours to bring the situation under control.

Some common questions are that doctors are now advised to keep up with modern medical treatment? Is all the doctors able to be a doctor? What is the proper treatment? Why will the general people  become self-reliant after chasing a private hospital? And then why would their patient die? The doctors get their practising registration number from MCI and after that MCI has no further function. But how many of them are eligible of medical practice, there is perhaps no regulatory body in India to supervise. Only 2.5 percent of GDP has been set up in the country’s medical system, but its target level has been estimated to be in the year 2025. There is no shortage of government fund to establish Aadhaar card or to buy voting machine. But there is shortage of fund at the end of government if it can be provided to the general public by providing health insurance and health services. Private hospitals are opened to get profit. Naturally there are plenty of costs. 5 star system means that the better treatment is not always, it’s a kind of customer strategy to pull. Thus, without putting tears in the heart of these pains, we can not bring Kuheli back to the greedy monsters in the nature of treatment.

An online Bengali media reported that to establish direct contact with the general public through the ‘Mission Bengal’ BJP want to succeed. And, for the attainment of the goal in the next 7 to 22nd June the saffron team to reach each home of the every booth in West Bengal, and following the programs the BJP state president to the each ground level worker of the party, but overall the team has made a list of 10 thousand people. In this state, the BJP’s 10 thousand members of the team will be made stronger public relations visiting at people’s home.

Well, some of the questions that arise after the news. BJP workers at the house, as they do the traditional highlight of the daily problem or listen to? All India BJP president Amit Shah said to go to the householder kitchen. What went staff? Entering the kitchen the staff will surely come at the price of cooking gas increased, the prices of essential food items to increase the credit to Modi. Increase in prices, increasing the number of unemployment, corruption continues to the lead the country in the shadow of war. Amit Shah, who insists the project of the central government and the BJP or Modi mean they’re spending from its own treasury.

The food is not provided by the religious sentiments of the people, a few people may get personal gain from it. Religious madness creates division among people. Unity and integrity of the country was destroyed. Modi has decided to build a corruption-free India, but does not mention a single moment of Gujarat, who are guilty of genocide or of punishment. 

Trade union leaders as dominant and staring. The mood is a fire. No matter if you want to ask any help, to listen to the snub. Today the dead man’s sympathy. Once a man went to the top of an organization, is to think of own self in one of the Emperor, the Nawab. Today this place is just Trade Union failed to promote themselves as the proletariat. Personally, I identify this as the main reason for the rise of ultra right-wing forces. The right-wing power has clearly understood the area of weakness, so they try to outdo people to ignore the fundamental problem. There is the golden age of their mouths. Although the golden age of what is not clear to the general public. But it is understood that it will be the era of the rich.