One is where the cove is hanging

Media Reports:

In the next 15 years, every citizen of the country will have houses where there will be pucca toilets, two wheelers or four wheelers, electricity, air conditioners and internet connectivity. Niti Aayog is going ahead with such a plan.

In the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Ministers of the various state governments on Sunday, Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya presented ‘Vision 2031-32’ in the meeting of the Governing Council of the Aayog.

He said India needs to be progressive, healthy, safe, free of corruption, full of energy, environmentally transparent and dominant state.

For this, Arvind presented a blue-print. It has been said that all the transportation system of the country will be improved and modernized. As the road, rail, water and air transport system increases, so will the technological advancement. According to the Aayog, the quality of air and water quality of the country will increase greatly.

In addition, ‘Vision 2031-32’ has been said that in the next 15 years, the country’s per capita (average income per head) will be three times the present. Document presents, currently (in terms of financial year 2015-16), who earns Rs.1.06 lakh, his income will be Rs.3.14 lakhs in 2031-32.

In addition, the total internal assets (GDP) or better economy of the country, will be increased from Rs.13.7 million crore (in terms of 20@5-16 fiscal year) to Rs.46.9 million crore. Central and state spending will also increase. This estimation of the Aayog, this number will increase from present Rs.3.8 million crore to Rs.13.8 million crore.

Questions & Confusions:

When reading such news, the mind is filled with peace. But some of them question the peeks. Just as the person who has no income at present or the person who is below the poverty line, 3 times increased earnings is not the meaning of nearly empty? The news can be clearly understand that the target is centered around the middle class. Where will the cost to go if buy fuel for car and using of electricity to run AC machine? If it is assumed that the nuclear power generation or bio-fuel or other alternatives. Estomates that inflation has been stabilized here. There is no mention of the increase in the cost of living of each person as well as the increase in earnings of 3 times in 15 years. One nation, One aspiration, One determination slogan is virtually identical to the common and uninterrupted market and its elements have emerged in ‘Vision 2031-32’.

Common working people, poor people can not be benefited in any way, no matter how it explains in the way of economy. Hindu sentiment with the vote of middle class, this kind of story will continue for the next two years. 

One is where the cove is hanging.


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