Why is the smell of blood around the world today?

Chinese President Shi Changing ordered to be ready for war now in the controversial context of the South China Sea. He stressed the formation of a strong military force on Friday. He told the army workers to be ready for war. He also said that he will keep a close watch on the changed situation. 

China is committed to spreading its influence on almost all parts of the South China Sea, along with various islands, about 800 miles away from China, ignoring the neglect of its neighboring countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. Even it has been known that China has built artificial islands and also stores military equipment there.

India’s first joint venture in naval exercise  with America for the first time since Donald Trump has come to power with Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force. It will be known that in July this year, the trial will be done in Malabar of the Bay of Bengal. Such a great trial has never been known before.

Indian Navy sources said, a discussion meeting in this regard soon is taking place in America. The day will be fixed there. It will also be decided that some warships will take part in the exercise. A final meeting will be held in India also. The war situation created in war. The trial is to prepare the navy for the war.

China has objected to this joint exercise. They have  not seen the cooperation of these three countries very good. Especially in Japan, they have already protested about joining this exercise. On one hand, while China has begun to dominate the Indian Ocean, among them, Beijing is clearly monitoring this exercise. A naval officer said that the aircraft carrier, nuclear powered warships will participate in the exercise. P-8I and P-8A submarine Hunter of India and America will also be seen in this exercise. Anti-submarine warfare mission will be in the Bay of Bengal.

Syria is on the road to conflict with the United States, Russia! Because recently Russia has made it clear that Russia will not even think for a moment to give the Syrian government a sophisticated missile defense system. And to prevent America through this system, Russia will give the Syrian government, as well as military observers.

Viktor Ozarov, the head of the Federal Defense Committee of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament, said that Moscow will not hesitate to supply missile defense system to protect war-torn Syria from foreign military aggression in the future. Ozarov warned that the two countries will not waste a bit of time to sign bilateral agreement on this issue.

After the North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile has been publicly released, the next step of Pyongyang is going to be greater, many South Koreans are expressing such fears.

North Korea generally chooses certain dates or opportunities to show its military power. According to South Korean officials, perhaps Pyongyang is going to test its sixth nuclear test or ICBM in its Army Foundation Day on Tuesday. Even Kim Un Jong told that it is not too late to launch ICBM.

The United Nations has already expressed deep concern that a nuclear war can take a little bit of errors, which would lead to horrific destruction in the world.


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