O mind, you are free to release, where will you be released?

Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore wrote – In this world, the person who wants to have lots. He also wrote this – I do not want to die in this beautiful world. An unknown folk singer sings – O mind, you are free to release, where will you be released? Poetry or song that is spoken is a reflection of real life.

Real life is tough, where emotions does not work, the condition of survival is that, if you do not provide it, then you can take it off. There is no place of failure or the second opportunity is to start a new life. Human identities are bound in some numbers today. The best thing to do is overcome the whole thing, so now numerology. Now the efficiency of the people is measured by the number, its thinking is worthless. Negative or zero number is the ultimate proof of worthlessness, in a way, the burden of the world. Babu’s words are, oh,leave please, after the food is not destroyed. Rich are not responsible for your lack of money, even the government can not blame. Because that’s your fate.

You want liberation. You want freedom forever. But if you want freedom will come so easily until the life is full of the pitcher of life? By praying to God you may be seeking liberation, fate laughs lazily. Wait a bit, you do not know, it is a great sin to commit suicide, or it is written in the Scriptures. Surely, you have seen sugarcane juice on the road. Even after roasting the sugar juice from the sugarcane, the machine can not be stopped. You are wastage, no waste value. It says that you will not be able to get rid of your mistake. The earth will not give you a holiday. 

You are zero, if you can sit right at the right of the basic number, there is a price, if you get left, it is worthless. The problem is not about your zero value, the problem is with your coordinates. You know, some brothers. Do not cry or groan in a decision you have to come, either die or kill. Either martyr or hero. Personal choice, fix yourself.


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