How many deaths will stop when they want to make money

This news was published in a Bengali press. Complaint of the death of a four-month-old girl in a four-month puff at doctor’s negligence. Apollo Hospitals in Kolkata, which became the battlefield from Wednesday morning. Apollo Hospitals, who are still investigating the allegations of Sanjoy Roy’s murder of Dankuni. The family members of the family were killed in the road accident. The glass doors are broken and thrown. The victims of the dead child’s house were also injured in the hospital staff. Abhijit and Shalu Chakraborty, the parent of the four-month-olf daughter of Thakurpukur, was admitted to Apollo for the colonoscopy. The couple claimed that their daughter had died due to overdose of Anesthesia during colonoscopy. The mother of the dead baby has demanded the punishment of doctors. 

On Wednesday morning, the news of Kuheli’s death, the relatives burst with anger! Kuheli is the name of the dead four-month-old baby. Initially, they filed a complaint against Apollo Hospital in Phulbagan Police Station. From there, they came to Apollo Hospital. Their demand was only one. The doctors who complained that fourth months of childbirth had died, he had to be brought forward. In the face of protests, the hospital staff closed the glass doors to enter. However, the family members of the dead child are desperate to enter inside. They started shaking with glass doors. Cluttered glass splinter. When the staff of the hospital tried to calm them down and calm and the family members of Kuheli, already the dead baby’s father is seen to be able to find the peace of the relatives. The staff of the hospital has virtually been stunned. The crowd gathered in the stairs. Nobody is daring to get up. However, the hospital authority did not want to say anything about the allegations of the treatment of the rising law against them. An official said that the details will be seen. But vandalism is unfair.

Thus, on February 15 this year, the CMRI Hospital became complaining about the allegation of sickness, CMRI Hospital. With respect to the situation, the police forces from Phulbagan, Manicktala and Narkeldanga Police Station reached on the spot and control of the police. However, they take a few hours to bring the situation under control.

Some common questions are that doctors are now advised to keep up with modern medical treatment? Is all the doctors able to be a doctor? What is the proper treatment? Why will the general people  become self-reliant after chasing a private hospital? And then why would their patient die? The doctors get their practising registration number from MCI and after that MCI has no further function. But how many of them are eligible of medical practice, there is perhaps no regulatory body in India to supervise. Only 2.5 percent of GDP has been set up in the country’s medical system, but its target level has been estimated to be in the year 2025. There is no shortage of government fund to establish Aadhaar card or to buy voting machine. But there is shortage of fund at the end of government if it can be provided to the general public by providing health insurance and health services. Private hospitals are opened to get profit. Naturally there are plenty of costs. 5 star system means that the better treatment is not always, it’s a kind of customer strategy to pull. Thus, without putting tears in the heart of these pains, we can not bring Kuheli back to the greedy monsters in the nature of treatment.


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