El Dorado is there to listen, can be seen in the soil.

An online Bengali media reported that to establish direct contact with the general public through the ‘Mission Bengal’ BJP want to succeed. And, for the attainment of the goal in the next 7 to 22nd June the saffron team to reach each home of the every booth in West Bengal, and following the programs the BJP state president to the each ground level worker of the party, but overall the team has made a list of 10 thousand people. In this state, the BJP’s 10 thousand members of the team will be made stronger public relations visiting at people’s home.

Well, some of the questions that arise after the news. BJP workers at the house, as they do the traditional highlight of the daily problem or listen to? All India BJP president Amit Shah said to go to the householder kitchen. What went staff? Entering the kitchen the staff will surely come at the price of cooking gas increased, the prices of essential food items to increase the credit to Modi. Increase in prices, increasing the number of unemployment, corruption continues to the lead the country in the shadow of war. Amit Shah, who insists the project of the central government and the BJP or Modi mean they’re spending from its own treasury.

The food is not provided by the religious sentiments of the people, a few people may get personal gain from it. Religious madness creates division among people. Unity and integrity of the country was destroyed. Modi has decided to build a corruption-free India, but does not mention a single moment of Gujarat, who are guilty of genocide or of punishment. 

Trade union leaders as dominant and staring. The mood is a fire. No matter if you want to ask any help, to listen to the snub. Today the dead man’s sympathy. Once a man went to the top of an organization, is to think of own self in one of the Emperor, the Nawab. Today this place is just Trade Union failed to promote themselves as the proletariat. Personally, I identify this as the main reason for the rise of ultra right-wing forces. The right-wing power has clearly understood the area of weakness, so they try to outdo people to ignore the fundamental problem. There is the golden age of their mouths. Although the golden age of what is not clear to the general public. But it is understood that it will be the era of the rich.


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