I won’t be surprised

Tass has reported , Referendum on expanding presidential powers begins in Turkey. The proposed amendment, initiated by the ruling Justice and Development Party, include the abolition of the office of the Prime Minister. They also allow the president to continue being a member of a party, expand his legislative and executive powers, and give him the right to form the cabinet of ministers.

A few years ago senior BJP leader L. K. Advani had expressed his view and said that India should go in Presidential ruling, abolishing the office of the Prime Minister, also stressed on abolition multi-party system. It was the time when the name of Narendra Modi was projected as the Prime Minister before the Parliament election in India in the year 2014. Probably Mr. Advani had realized that if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India he will not stop. The truth of his eyes, causing a change of the constitution and abolish the post of prime minister is going to confirm the presidential system of government. Their preparation has already begun. After expiry of the term of the current president, who will be the new president a few names have been floated. Such as Shiv Sena has raised the name of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. However, he ruled out lightly. In addition, there is a few more names.

BJP president of the party announced to the national working committee meeting to introduce opposition-less regime. Controversial win in Uttar Pradesh has given their trust, and their goal will be successful. Federalism, multi-party democracy, after all, does not seem to have confidence in the democratic system in them. There are two houses in the Parliament-the upper house and the lower house. BJP is minority in the upper house. That is why they want to win all the states that brought the bill to the upper house is not interrupted. To do this, they first have focused to attract the poor. Such as breakfast offer in Rs.3 and lunch offer in Rs.5. It has not yet announced what will happen during the night. In other states it has been said that food will be available in Rs.10. Apart from these, the job for the unemployed, home for the poor, free LPG connection for BPL women. 

Poor people to overcome the initial inertia is gradually forced to believe in the promise of this type. Modi-Shah duo have announced to build a new India within 2022 after the two days National Working Committee meeting at Bhubaneswar. It has been said the emergence of the poor to explain how the new India will be constructed. In addition, the description to win over the heart of Muslim community. The question is that, does this process do uplift the poor? There is no example in a capitalist system around the world. This is a simple workout to capture the poor’s vote bank to win in every election to fulfill the main agenda of the RSS-BJP. I, personally believe that Hindutva or Hindu nation slogans is a strategy to consolidate the mass under a common umbrella to ease the way of changing the Indian Constitution as to abolish the office of the Prime Minister and turning into the Presidential system; the new India vision within 2022. In India, President is the sole authority to sign on any Bill as assent or dissent which is brought in the Parliament and forward to the President for his consent, also he is the signatory authority of any government order on behalf of Government of India. RSS-BJP, Modi-Shah partnership has the aim at that bird-eye where Modi can come in near future.

So, the new India 2022 vision document is prioritized from now blending the emotion with saviour of poor and its beneficiary. In real life experience, it is seen that the poor are remaining poor but Mukesh Ambani’s net asset worth jumps to $30 bn. Can any BJP spokesperson clearly explain how demonetisation, digital transaction, Aadhaar, Mobile App, GST will help to uplift the poor? So far I know they cannot explain the proper answer except delivering some unusual statements

Turkey President Erdogan will meet Mr. Modi very soon in India as per media report. So, I won’t be surprised!


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