A comment and its counter-response patterns, create unprecedented intolerance

It is the culture of tolerance in India. This is India’s troubled mood of the eye on eye arrogant, intolerant.

Complaint, Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel said that India is a poor country, so the company need not to keep its feet. To reply to this comment Snapchat’s 1.7 million customers database was hacked by Indian hackers. The database was hacked last year, they said.

Hackers said they saw last year, Snapchat’s customers data is not sufficiently secure. Then they took out the personal information of 1.7 million customers. But it’s never used before. CEO’s comments came after they had leaked the information to the reply. If Evan Spiegel do not apologize for his remarks, then they will attack against the Snapchat in the web world.

However, this still did not accept the news about Snapchat hacking. Snapchat’s CEO also has denied the allegations, saying that the remarks. In their speeches, the former employee alleged that the company is trying to defame. They were grateful to the world community, including India Snapchat’s agency commented.

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