Tensions throughout the world war and the uncertain economy

The first track on the whole world, the risk of war between North Korea and America. The two sides against each other with the roar of the nuclear weapons threat is applied, especially in North Korea. China the neighboring state of the North Korea condems the whole thing, and they wanted interfere with Russia and the right can be avoided through dialogue.

In the mean time United States have dropped Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan, causing 94 deaths. American claims that the Islamic State militants who have been killed, all of them, did not die any civilian. Russia has claimed that they have Father of All Bombs in their armory which is 4 times powerful than MOAB. America’s President Donald Trump has declared that relation with Russia has been turned into the very bottom. President Assad of Syria has denied of chemical attack in Syrian civilian and child. Another news is that in Europe, the Pentagon sent several aircraft.

Tension between India and Pakistan, and hot exchanging statement about Kulbhushan Yadav’s death penalty. Nepal-China joint military exercises has come down to India and warned the interfere with their heads on Kashmir issue. This is because the Dalai Lama who is never seen in China as a religious figure, are seen merely a political figure. Giving priority of Dalai Lama in India, China would not look with favor. During the British rule of India-China border also have to take the strain. Some comfort in the improvement of relations between India and Bangladesh.

South Africa and the Venezuelan people took to the streets demanding the resignation of the head of the state. Brazil’s Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into corruption allegations against to 73 ministers and top officials. The investigation will spread to other countries in Latin America outside of Brazil reported. In addition, almost every country has some problems.

Economic Picture

Curiously, while decreasing dependency on bank loans to the hedge fund market booming. As a result, the inflation is difficult to imagine how it. For example, if it considers in the Indian Bank loans fell 5.1 percent. Most of the bank’s revenue comes through bank loans. So when the bank will be unable to earn, the interest on its impact on savings. Maybe not a lot of immediate interest to the banks to reduce the cost to the customer will be round, which is now the target. A report was revealed that hedge funds have taken place in 63 percent of the loan market. To maintain their profits, banks are forced to invest in hedge funds. Hedge funds are not a long-term loan, the volatile. Hedge funds as a result of the excess fluctuations of the stock market is always faster. Futures Trading due to the inflation assessment may be difficult, which is the main reason for speculation. Hedge funds are not require for any of the Regulation, an independent entity to go on staying in the whole world.

I hope you understand why that is a sound of war throughout the world, the threat of war and occupation mentality. 

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