Hello Google! Can you say what difference would become with your SEO to me?

SEO is useful for them who sells domain, online marketing and who used to stick advertisement on their website in the making money. For those who are not involved in anything, SEO should think of something Google’s Algorithm. Google sometimes changes its algorithms. Let them do it, I have no reason to worry about it, or there is no reason for me to be happy. SEO experts’ opinion is the contents would be rich, niche and useful to the readers in any situation and would have good links. Links that will help the reader to earn money. The truth for 15 years, a lot of websites, blogs, Google page rank of those who have seen early, but I do not have any link to the earnings from that. So, SEO, I think it is also the story of an artificial bubble, which alarmed many people like a running back. Social media giant Facebook peculiarly has been disconnected from the story of SEO and takes their own marketing strategy, where publishers will be able to use their network without any dependence of SEO or Google Search.

What is the goal about?

I personally think Orkut was much more useful social medium than Google+, at least who write something in their own styles. Those who are scholars they will write books, why they go online to write page after page? Wikipedia article details some of the wise, and the rest is understood that the majority of online writing is the basic text. When and how organic traffic will visit the site/sites in the speculative kind of the whole thing, just like a stock market of a stock’s price fluctuations. And the fact is not that everyone will continue to hold a straight line across the whole world, there are different ideas and coming up with new ideas. It could be said that the quality of the writing. That is how good and pure, who can write English words, if it is correct that does not mean the content is rich of all resources and information in all cases. A medium-to submit, I’m probably going to publish 9 articles. It was said grammer mistakes, misspellings, duplicate etc. 5 of 9 was published. I asked them to provide me the link where from I copied. They were failed. Reversely they explained that the article was not their community standards. That article was related to Indian politics. Last of all I have decided to stop writing there. Yesterday they sent me a email that stated, Google has changed their algorithm, so they are working hard to get organic traffics in members’ sites. Truly I write for myself and for self satisfaction, never bother about organic traffic through search engine. Hence, SEO is absolutely meaningless to me.


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