There are stories of these cases, the general public does not apply

Kind of like the story of the news media in India a few years ago are selling, people eating well. The stories that used to sell tea to the country’s Prime Minister, to the Chief Minister porter, is home to the state’s Chief Minister sluggish. The reader of these stories chest swelling pride, self-confidence increases. Is the idea that we might be lucky.

Politics in India is a very lucrative job in a very short period of time so as to be rich to enjoy vast powers. However, there are three more profession to get rich overnight, but there is not a lot to enjoy official capacity. They cricket, films and founder of the Information Technology Association, a person with a lot of hard work and the support of luck. People do not cooperate directly.

People is the last word in politics. They will make leader. That want people to identify with them. Find some glaring as to be integrated into the story should be, that it will be spruced-way media. The natural question is, why the media? Who will be with the news media. In reality, the media today are not independent entities, they are managed by different corporate groups. Who will take the corporate as the leader of the group choose their own interests, aiming to uphold. So just a story due to the poor countries like India, people believe that the leader of the poor in order to serve their people. Interestingly, in the hope of cultivating die, the rich will be richer and wealthy in India, will be rich with the leaders. People will be more poverty.

Since the name of the country is India, all possible here.


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