Faith match objects argue far away

Yesterday i read an interesting news. Transactions where no money is in a bank. Just write the name of Ram are required to submit. With the enthusiasm of the fans up, then too Ram to Ayodhya Ram temple should be made within one year. It has come to such a place that the Ram temple to be there, otherwise the dangers. You do not have a word against it, will remain a threat to cut off the head. The funny thing is that the Taliban can not be labeled. The reason for this is the essence of faith. The history of this case irrelevant. The era of the history of the ancient Vedic period before hand, but believes that fans of Ram. Ram was the originator of all the Hindu gods and goddesses. They believe that Ram born one lakh years ago, or appeared on earth. According to the history of the first people on earth-born one and a half lakh years ago in Africa. Geological studies have not proven that there was only one land in Africa and India in ancient times. To prove that it could be assumed that, at the same time for Ram. But then what would have been the end of the debate? It’s proof that Ram was born in Ayodhya did not. The argument too is irrelevant? But the Ram Temple at Ayodhya would otherwise go to the abyss of India, the Hindu religion will be unclean.

According to the text of the current Prime Minister of India said Ganesh the elephant god, plastic surgery and was placed on the head. Maybe he wanted to convey to the extent that medical science was developed in ancient India. However, no scientific truth has not been proven. But the words of believe may be greater than science. Why do you think some of the things they tend to be very clear. Recently, it has to be a better writer. Money Bill passed in Parliament and put the author writes four attachment, without a fuss about religion on the people who keep busy. Income Tax officers entered the house without permission on any citizen will be able to search, can not be taken in any court against it. Recently, a very significant events to be mentioned here. Aadhaar number is not mandatory in social welfare projects, the top court’s verdict. A junior minister of the central government expressed outrage about how two or three judges could decide this important issue. This is where the Parliament has power over all things.

The current president of the country’s ruling party wants all states of the country, they want power. His argument is that the welfare of all citizens of the country, because a single party rule the country. In India, a total of 29 states and 3 Union Territories. In 12 states, of which there is a single or joint power. Recognizes the one-party dictatorship regime. By doing this, they want to be. That is why Ayodhya Ram and Ram Temple will be grown on the Babri Mosque demolition, no need to wait what will say the apex court. Became convinced that the information is correct, the logic, the truth of the lifeless, inanimate.

General laboring poor,the problems became acute, life is pain-stricken people. Open capital markets and bounce, which hit the country’s economic structure with various tax breaks, such as the monument. Get rid of all the opposition political parties of the country, who will be one of the coalition,otherwise history will never forgive. Measures to overcome the dictator.

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