New Deal or New Green Revolution

Capitalist globalization and international fronts, ‘the Economist’ magazine cover article of the 2007 on December 8 announced an end to the era of cheap food. The price crisis brought many people’s lives, but also has created new opportunities for farmers. The old-style liberalism and the market has been arguing for price increases will benefit the farmers in the Third World. But the agriculture is not in the hands of farmers in the Third World, however, they are not saying. Third World governments and farmers took advantage of the situation and showing a temptation. That being said liberalization of agriculture and agricultural products to further expand the market, and the benefits of a more laissez may not coincide. April 19 issue of the same magazine cover 2008 has been blamed for a rise to obstacles to liberalism. During the crisis, many countries imposed restrictions on food exports have been outraged by the article. As has been said in the past, food prices did not benefit farmers. Now the new government’s liberal trade rein error has occurred. The high cost of production will increase as a result of the magazine’s words, to create a new balance. Food prices, without subsidies, without dumping, the market will be affordable without control. This is the end of the day, however, the food is cheaper. A balance will reach a new transitional period lasting a lot more and a lot more painful. That is, people have been advised to undergo pains to tie the towel over the stomach. Implementation of the structural reforms in countries such as the introduction of liberalism when people were advised to ascetic. India’s finance minister said, as if the patient during inflation.

International Food Policy Research Institute of the words in 2015 food prices will increase by 10 to 15 percent. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the increase in prices. With the rise in inflation this year will be different from the past features. If the price reduction in the near future there will be no chance. The International Monetary Fund, WTO is the provision that the growing trade to reduce poverty and hunger. On the basis of the cultivation of local crops must be stopped, should be encouraged rather than export crops. The higher income. Tomatoes grown in Mexico and the Philippines will increase in the cultivation of pineapple in terms of natural conditions, whether local or can not be fixed. California is just too expensive to cultivate them. Mexico-Philippines crops grow in the United States will be taken. The loss of the two countries,food production does not harm the United States. The country’s food exports to the US companies will be able to make a huge profit.

US grain more productive farmers in Mali have to rely on high. And let’s go to pull up stakes and leave the land to the city, cheap labor factories of foreign companies. The company can not own cheap labor in their home land. Who is on the west coast of African countries to repay their foreign debts to rich countries to sell fishing rights in the sea fishing company. Guinea’s people eat the fish in fish imported from Denmark or Portugal. The food price increases. Get a share of the increased value of the middle-man, wholesaler, shopkeeper, insurance agencies, advertising companies. The common people were unable to buy food. World Bank, the chief architect of the development model of the world and WTO, the ring leader of the liberal trade is in fear of the current food crisis. For this effect the chances of opposite reaction in the Third World began to be liberal. Former US President George W. Bush said China, in India, people are eating more.

The real causes of the food crisis of the Fund-Bank is not going concern. They have started a new emergency plan to boost agriculture. In this context, the World Bank’s President sets ‘new deals’. This is a long-term action plan to increase agricultural production. African countries plan credit will be doubled.

Fund-Bank’s financial prescription not ever solve the problem. Instead of famine in devolping countries becomes. Improvement of agriculture in the Fund-Bank debt is more debt means that the countries involved. Fund-Bank’s credit standing is given on the condition that the implementation of neo-liberalism. Since 1980 domestic food production system in the process of being destroyed. For the release of debt crisis that ‘Macro-Economic Stabilization’ and ‘Structural Adjustment Programs’, imposed by Fund-Bank that alternatively means the cause of poverty of millions people. For the policy of Fund-Bank, increased food prices and food crisis today, the situation in various countries and cities, widespread famine and lay-off workers. Social welfare projects to be cancelled as a result and the actual purchasing power is decreasing as a result of no increasing income.

Now that the technology is the key to food production. This means that the seeds of technology gene technology. The technology is concentrated in the hands of a few multinational companies. Join hands for new green revolution in Africa ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ and the ‘Rockefeller Foundations’. They want to spread the cultivation of high-yielding gene technology. The International Rice Research Institute aims to Asia. The World Bank also insists on science and technology.

There are, however, the importance in science and technology. But that is trying to use science and technology need to think whether it is realistic to all. But the world must remember that there is no shortage of food. So the food is not to say there is no food crisis. This is a social and political problem. At the center of the problem of hunger and poverty. Economic inequality and hunger and malnutrition go hand in hand with each other. To strengthen this system “New Deal” or “New green revolution” is going to be organized. The agricultural production of rice-wheat, maize-soybean more important. These are government subsidies for agriculture in developed countries to match, if the developing countries. The more fodder and bio-fuel corn, soybean will be grown in the field of human food production will be reduced. Step by step to reduce the stock of food. Food prices will create a new record. More people every day at the foot will increase poverty. Drought, floods, lack of water will worsen the situation further. Seed technology multinationals in their genes will not be able to increase the future supply of food at low prices. Navigable green revolution that will end in failure. The study of gene technology is already unable to increase grain production.

We must remember that food is not merely a market commodity. The only commodity to survive of person. The first and foremost duty of the government and the society provided food for all people. Which is to adopt an economic policy that not only creates obstacles to feed hungry mouths. Food production and distribution is a delicate process. This process can not be driven by the market. Their food needs of the country in terms of population and food production plans related to the country’s government. The proper use of agricultural land for food, agricultural products can be arranged by the government according to the needs. After ensuring food production according to the requirements, to achieve self-sufficiency in food is to grow it may be something else. There is no doubt that socialism could meet the needs of all human food. Today, Cuba has shown the world self-supporting in food production using the nature without support of the Fund-Bank, the World Trade Organization, multinational Organization. Venezuela has tried to be self-sufficient in food to follow Cuba.



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