One spring day in the morning

Do not look for a mistake in writing a love story. Love has become dry because of the spil as the page. I woke up thinking goes, will now have to pay back any creditor. I listened to the younger age of the mother-to-finance distress of my uncle. The uncle was a senior officer of the government. Almost 45 years later the picture has been the same since. Increased human suffering, still the same. People can not get down heavily indebt. But the rising prices of essential commodities per day compared to an increase in earnings of men. This is the destiny of the people of the capitalist economic system. Debt free life is impossible in any way.

However, a long list of the morning to hear her at home. Including shampoo, soap, tooth paste, molasses, pointed gourd, a cucurbitaceous fruit, ladies finger,fish. And bought a rat poison. Around the house was infested rats and moles. They’re called to kill. The truth is, all in all Rs.310 spending. Just is the last 3 days and had to pay a debt of almost 4,000. There is the daily consumption of over 300 money is down. When we die, the problem could be decided.

Harimoti’s husband yesterday told me how the owner of Shila Tailors died. Very significant. Because his wife had died a few months ago. Suddenly the man will turn the land of birth, which is located in Bangladesh. The man had diabetes. Many treatments did not match any benefit in Kolkata. He ate the food of the state Bangladesh. The consequence of such a situation that was virtually impossible  to return to Kolkata. Diabetes is to eat a lot of patients measured. You can not eat all the food. But he may not live long understood.  The man was arrested  at the border immigration office in Bangladesh because his visa had expired. Immigration officer saw the man realized that the man who is seriously ill, and he alone is virtually impossible to return to Kolkata. The official said the man’s home phone. The man was admitted to the hospital and rescued him. He died the next day. Hearing the story I said the husband of Harimoti that the man got released from the hell.

Papu and I both diabetes, suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. Papu’s heart has been in operation. Recently a discussion was the importance of us who may die first? I or Papu? Since I was naturally more aged likely to die earlier than Papu. It’s hard to say, observing Papu’s health condition, which is a first. Both can understand that someone who does not live a very long life. I pray to God that no longer wake up in the morning together, not break them. Death is a painless way of salvation.


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