Strange job. People’s lowest talks!

What do you do any work each month, just want to sleep, earning 1.12 million? So be ready to go. Your job is to offer a space research organization that, where you go just go sleep. Then you will receive a large amount of money in this drawing. French Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology Department said the researchers, they are looking for employees interested in this job for. He will spend three months of work the person is asleep. At that time, however, they can study the effects of micro gravity. The bodies of the 16 thousand Euro for the job, which is the Indian currency can earn 1.12 million.

In fact, the space agency of the human body, the researchers will study the three months. And will be studied in three stages. Over the first two weeks on the job seeker will be tested, will be the size of different things. The study will be the next sixty days, who, in effect, they must feel stick on the bed. Will be sent to the rehabilitation center for physical fitness. Basically, this study would have seen people lying on the bed for a long time if there response is to the body what? However, it seems very simple but the task is difficult enough, and there are many formalities. If you really interested in this job, this job out on the initial requirements.

  • The person in this job that will keep him leaning his head to the bottom of the six degrees.
  • Of course there will always be a part of the shoulder in touch with the bed.
  • So sixty days to eat, sleep, cleaning of clothes. Basically all the daily work will make.
  • Men seeking employment will be, if you do not have to cigarette addiction.
  • Must be between 20 to 45 years.
  • Should be used to play everyday.
  • If you do not have any allergies.
  • BMI should be between 22 to 27.

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