My last 7 days

The date was April 6. The story begins from the date of March 31. What was the difference in a day 7 days? No! Remained the same all days. Of 31 broke up in the morning. Tea, all at 9 am breakfast, Noon Lunch, evening tea and dinner and sleep. Similarly, the rest went 6 days. Sometimes I thought, write some great stories. In fact, did not want to. Because lazy. It is also thought that it would no longer read my awkward writing. This is also one reason alone. Many of them regretted writing that many readers do not read their writings. But the writing is excellent. Into my head that the reader comes to writing, or if there is less than what is sorrow for him. I did not read the text does not say that the future is not.

However, they are not subject of my story. My story is a little different. 4 date is April 4 in the afternoon and decided pulse of things need to buy groceries. That has run out. After the evening tea, I and Papu was out carrying an empty bag. We went around a small departmental stores. They are chain stores across India. The first pulse was needed. I saw the printing on the packet of mung bean price of Rs.90, 500 gram. The kilogram price of Rs.180. I was flabbergasted at the price. It was very unusual for the price of four other things I regret. Let’s get out of here asked to Papu. Both went to the station by a rickshaw. We started to walk from the station. A few days ago, I saw a man returning from municipal office to a temporary store selling good pulse. I said to Papu, ‘Let’s go there first’. I’ll get you if the price is right and good products. Otherwise, we will buy another stores. The first of the and all the things I saw and check the price. I saw things like quality and cheap price. So without hesitation bought.

I saw a department store to buy the same thing to calculate estimated would cost more than Rs.300. I had money to buy things like that, so I could buy a dinner. I have seen the folly of buying things from department stores. The higher costs. If you take a look, but not a lot of money is saved. 

The time is now 12:30 am. Was getting to sleep. I ended my 7-days short stories. 

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