I am very disturbed to see all

First annoyance and anger when I see a tremendous explosion in Syria’s innocence in the chemical on children. The brutal scenes seemed to see who shoots the guy they cause a human child? What is Jihad? Jihad against whom are these?

Who beat one person was killed yesterday in Rajasthan cow protection committee. Because of the suspicion. Again a few days before the attack on suspicion of African students at Noida. Meanwhile, some weapons states rallied  yesterday RSS. The Ram nine occasions.

Indian media was very concerned about H-1B visas. Indian information technology companies as a result of the opinion of experts, who will increase the cost of doing business in America. The main reason for the US visa will not be as much of a programmer. Who can prove that the applicant is qualified in the task.

I personally think the Indian information technology companies should focus more in domestic production. And any US company wants to hire an information technology worker in India, the Indian government should have called first, they opened their offices here. On the condition that the United States will be meaningless. This attitude is the ultimate insult to the United States with visa to foreign nationals?

Each country has its own sovereignty. One country to another country’s internal affairs can not melt. As well as Kashmir is an integral part of India and the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. International level, such as in Kashmir, while Pakistan took just trying to rile China claims Arunachal Pradesh as their own land. US ambassador to the United Nations-declared two days ago that the US President wants to negotiate with the India and Pakistan over Kashmir. Why China’s anger over the Dalai Lama, who attaches great importance to India? Dalai Lama wants autonomy within China, Tibet explanations. In India, the Government of India from Kashmir to the autonomy step by step. But whatever is done through the factors to be considered at two levels, a third power in any way should not be allowed to enter. 

I will finish by saying that it’s the end of the Indian information should be limited to India. While Mukesh Ambani-recently demanded that this issue, although its purpose business. What is the next day occupation of the data will depend on the status of each country’s socio-economic-political position.


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