Why is that?

The theorist’s have tried to explain us the luxury of the trickle down theory. We have learned of our experience that luxury never trickle down. But if the faithful can be brought them the dream can trickle down, from higher level to the lower level. Such dreams are through – but a character is general – which I did not get that I will get. Empire of corporate ownership to someone else’s dream, Switzerland vacation, the dream of one piece of land, daughter’s wedding gold jewelery, money to anyone to stay alive. But people are rational, not an unrealistic dream. The dream can show people when dreams can be trusted.

Our country and people have changed. And do not say we are poor, and great. Do not mistake anyone heard – we are the land of Buddha-Gandhi. Laxmi Mittal, Cyrus Mistry before our eyes more shining. When the Pakistan, China to “Roland” us pronounced wish to be able to get beer. The parents of US based single son who habitats at Old age home say the story of the Christmas Card sent of the pair of sigh stuck in the chest. 

Now we all know of Tata-Birla. What is this handsome old Ratan Tata. Bo! Despite the shabby chick look so much money, how Mukesh Ambani, Anil than good. Adam Premji wears the Indigo club’s shirt? Vijay Mallya refers to flamboyance. All of them who they are we know, of lifestyle magazine Owing to everyone we know. They have a billion dollars out of the imagination to realize just how much upstart. Gandhi, as we as the philosophical Narayanmurti much stronger, much more important corporate gurus. Buddha means the Buddha Purnima, the birthday of the holiday? Many people know that the dream is now known, in reach. Do not be like them? Why not – Nambiar’s father used to sell clothes on shoulder (like my father) and now the owner of the apparel Empire. Amazon’s Jeff you know the owner of the business was started $2,000 and a table base – and now? Can you think of? If you try to be all right. Not only the country, the whole world is now selling a dream. Shining India – not yesterday, not today, then if too late tomorrow will be certain. Best seller book stores – Be Fool Be Poor. Bonehead means poor – shot through the greatness. There is an intoxication of the dreams. Addiction.

Nowadays, people who believe in the unbelievable dream. However, it is not only a dream for attractiveness, fear, dream like. I did the opposite side of the stand, who is forced to believe. Labor cost of cultivation does not come back to sell the whole year produces. There’s no job prospects of the son. Although there is no guarantee that the work done, there is no polite way with the protection of wages, there is no help in trouble. What is live? If you suddenly found a treasure is the only way, is found in Large amounts. And around the drum being beaten, being whispered from ear – to be, to become rich overnight. Ram has been Shyam; Security officials are advertising the film with a smile. A group of poor people to survive or go live with the system, so you will not have a headache. But the issue is deeply bothered by the system. It is also a feature of the current system.

Pervade our current system which embraces the whole world, there are some features. Those who carry out sophisticated systems strategy, prehistoric form. He’s bookish words of International Finance Capital. There are as many as the world capital of industrial-banking-insurance-hoarding-sharp practice all capital  misappropriation, he is immeasureable powers. He does not have different characteristics, different, there is no character – he knows only profit. He does not care which way he will gain. So, through the development of civilization is good and bad, right and wrong have been developed that measure down to his feet, he ran away in search of more profits. A drop of blood, the smell of the sea is many miles away from a shark – but, International Finance Capital, their scent is more than power, they gain smell of profit from unimaginable distances. Tourism in the depth of polar region to the surface of the moon from the earth. Water, air, oxygen, all the things from the people who are afraid of death, happiness and sorrow aspirations born of the market, and profit from the market varieties. They took to the social, economic activity, however, is a completely new level. Economic Activity is as much as the reality on the ground is higher than floating in the air. Product speculative bet huge profits simply imagined it. The products of the whole earth out of its business across the world many times over the product by pressing the button on the computer. The need for raw material all over the world, all over the world market, the Capital of the world, the ownership of the whole world – in the hands of a few giant companies. However, the speed of the Earth’s civilization should have been just the opposite. 

The government is the most important institution in society. His goal was the monopoly of finance capital – to be implemented at any cost benefit to this point, the far-reaching changes. The final concentration of economic power and the centralization of political power gives birth. From the tenor of the wonders of the anti-democracy. At any cost, in any way that would benefit the government in collaboration capitalism when he gets his way, then there is no longer a barrier.

Keeping money in the bank is no upstart. But the money in the stock market may go red, stories floating around. Every day the news media are advised in the financial pages, how to buy a company’s shares will be received. It is not said by accident – to keep the money safe in the bank. Who is life-threatening to stand on the edge of a deep, rich people who dream of being shown or is forced to dream.

US sub-prime disaster, the world’s biggest financial crisis in history brought – he was born among the dream of commercialization in the middle class-lower middle class, the dream was to see them. Democrat President Bill Clinton, the United States rejected the retirement pension schemes survive the next time the system was closed. The dealer is a dream to be on stage at the time of the real estate companies and home loan companies. Offer a very simple and attractive. You do not have a pension, you are at the water’s bid to borrow to buy a house, that house prices will increase each year. All of you will have the money when you sold this house a lot more money from the pension. People ran to buy cheap home loan. One of the two places, two places three. Profit made a lot of money artificially increasing the demand for real estate companies, home loan banks and mortgage hoarders. Standing in the artificial bubble of demand is not permanent and is not this. Some of the home he built those loans they could not repay the loan because bankrupt. Bank became the owner of the house. When banks sell at the market when the house together – home prices were in jeopardy. Stay away profits from the sale to repay bank loans and it is not possible. Many people sat on road, sat down on the way, some real estate companies, banks, mortgage speculative companies. The US government has to borrow from the market and gave the money in the hands of companies is free – bailing out package. Ordinary people could not open his blob gone.

Speculation continues its monopoly capital through government policies. However, the closeness of the government and the business sector has taken a new liberal era. Now we are told that Crony Capitalism. Father of the administrative and legal framework for the benefit of the company and government officials running. The company’s business success depends on the closeness of the government. Government officials are involved in exchange for remuneration. The officials were posted after the retirement of the company’s big post. The political leaders are appropriate tip. Corruption is an institutional move through them.


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