GST Tariff

Goods and Service Tax Tariff such as 5%, 12%, 18%, 24% & 40% will be imposed on 1st July 2017. It will be a single point tax and the covering area is spreaded in all almost.

Rent income will be come under GST. Food, pick-up, drop apart from salary will be counted taxable under GST, one cannot purchase gold ornaments more than Rupees 10,000 in cash where 10 gram 22 karat gold’s price is Rs.27,720.

Another issue is Aadhaar, the Supreme Court clearly said that Aadhaar number is not mandatory to utility services in their recent judgement. And Aadhaar data is not secured.

The Prime Minister in a breakfast meeting with his few MPs said that focus the issues of poor and try to close with poor, so that they cannot think that BJP MPs are unavailable towards the poor.

American President Donald Trump called the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and congratulates of winning in UP state election and also invited in the White House to host later in this year.

Reading all news truly I cannot getting real sense what is the direction of this Modi government except a taxation regime and exploitation to the common citizens of India.


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