Rabindranath Shakespeare’s birthplace

[20 September 1996 speech in Britain, Shakespeare’s birthplace, Jyoti Basu provided]

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentleman, it is my great pride to present at Startford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, and the arrangement of the foundation the bust of poet Rabindranath Tagore. This is a special opportunity for me. Apart from the bust was carved in stone, in addition to a tribute to Shakespeare written by Rabindranath Tagore’s Bengali poem and its translation. The opportunity to visit historical places, the West Bengal government for setting up the artwork is enough to feel respected. Due to the placement of the bust, Shakespeare and Tagore’s focus on a common formula to be added. Their thoughts were influenced generations of different countries. Have enriched themselves.

We appreciate the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to found the bust of Rabindranath Tagore, memories of William Shakespeare of this place. They deserve praise enough. This project has the support of those who have implemented my sincere thanks to them all. I would like to thank the Indian high commissioner to Britain-in its constant effort in this regard.

Shakespeare’s drama represents the totality of life and literature of Rabindranath Tagore. But in the end in terms of the creation of the main symptoms of Shakespeare and Tagore’s optimism about life. To convey a positive message of morality. They are both memorable heartfelt sympathy for humanity. Since the founding of the importance of the study of Shakespeare’s English education in India. Today in our schools, colleges and universities have an important place in curriculum of Shakespeare. There have several prominent Indian academics significant contribution in understanding of Shakespeare’s literary. Tagore himself was a great appreciator of Shakespeare. Tagore’s words, “A Book of the Homage to Shakespeare” (1916), a book that became a widely known. It is recognized that Shakespeare for all countries and people of all ages.

The creation of the nineteenth century Bengal Renaissance classic Tagore. His genius eastern and western social, literary and cultural heritage is important in all aspects of his grasp. Immense contribution to our literature and art, he stood firmly in favor of humanity. Spread the message of universal brotherhood and good relations.

Tagore’s creativity has not been confined to a particular style of art. Find all branches of literature, he showed his outstanding skills. He had a kind of new model in the Bengali language. He showed skill at painting too. Tagore’s music, his aesthetic sentiment and touched the hearts of listeners to tune. His poems, plays, novels, short stories and essays, and affects astounded. Both India and Bangladesh have adopted Tagore’s song as a national anthem. There is no such precedent in history.

Tagore was not only interested in art & literature. He had initiated various activities. Santiniketan, which later became the Visva-Bharati, Tagore as the founder of a new education system considered and had materialized. The teachings of the world’s best traditions reintegrate develop on the basis of consolidated figures. Sriniketan Santiniketan, founded by Rabindranath immediately felt the need. Inspiration to agriculture studies and cottage industries-in particular, the importance of crafting with the goal of establishing an educational center, build the Sriniketan. The plaintiff was a seer and a real humanist Rabindranath Tagore.

Tagore’s social consciousness was clearly revealed. He never deviated from it. As a poet, he was aware of the people’s aspiration and needs. He came closer to the people. Tried to understand the problems of the people. He gave hope, desire, dreams, pain and anger, happiness to the people in the language of art and literature. Tagore’s creation “optimism” and “faith” itself based on the evidence that is responsible for the high values.

Any attack on any part of the world of humanity, Tagore was deeply shocked. Uncompromising advocate of human freedom as a poet of great hope and a source of strength was the Indian independence movement.

He also was a nationalist and internationalist. Many national and international context,he said, a lot of writes. His nationalist thought was inextricably linked with its international outlook. In the context of humanity’s interests and concerns more evident than in the period between the two World Wars. Rabindranath Tagore stood firmly against the fascist terror and expressed the hope that the strongest terms, certainly will overcome fascism.

Tagore saw in the early part of World War II. Though he was angered and deeply worried, but he had not lost his faith upon humanity. In his famous essay “crisis of civilization” here the optimistic clear.

Imagine the feeling of high a performance artist, Tagore thought and valuable source of constant encouragement to the whole of mankind. Shakespeare and Tagore, two of the great creator who always flaring reputation.

Before the end of my speech, I respect both of them again.

(*I do not have the original text of discourse. Tried translate Bengali to English)

{Bust of Rabindranath Tagore, the picture which is pasted here, here is the source url and Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare’s birthplace}

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