Party is divided on that question

Fifth congress (1958) within three years at the sixth congress on Bijaywada. Meanwhile, the inter-party relations deteriorated. Delegates at the congress was divided into two distinct camps. A small portion was not any sides. Listen to the debate and the hostility between the deligation, the Soviet Party were present.

Between the fifth and sixth days of the congress in the political scene were two significant changes. Congress Party’s attitude towards the question that’s already been a bone of contention, and the fourth party congress was reflected continued. Within two changes happened.

One of them is the deterioration of China-India relations. Because of the border dispute. However, the dispute between China and India’s independence before the people’s democratic revolution must continue to organize.

It was a dispute before the British administration in India, then China with the government. The Congress government  in independent India maintained the British ruler’s stand. Similarly, China’s Communist government kept up the previous government.

The new set of circumstances, but the friendship between India and China on the question of the borders of the British government maintained in 1959, as a result of border clashes.

Nehru as the government alleged that, beyond the traditional boundaries of China’s forces had intruded into Indian territory. The Chinese government denied it. Who are the views of their former government. Right-wing of the party, saying the party should support the Government of India’s position. Left views the emerging new situation should resolve conflict through negotiations. The independence of India and China, the new government is established. The right-wing alleged the ‘left-wing communists’ position against the interest of India in collaboration with China. Bourgeois political leaders and the media to give wide publicity on the basis of the accusations which bring the right-wing communists.

Around the same time the communist movement led up the Soviet Union and China, the two opposing camp emerged. The Chinese Party start criticising staunchly after twentieth congress of the policy followed by the Soviet Party. Kruschev’s leadership was called “revisionist” by the Chinese Party. On the other hand, the Soviet Party denounced the Chinese Party such as “bigot”. Magazines, Party ideological struggle between the two parties of the two countries into the stage.

Thus was reflected in India’s Party. The right-wing of the Indian Communist  Party took the position of the Soviet Party. On the other hand, the leftists bent towards the Chinese Party. These two parts of the central leadership of the party was almost equal. 

In 1960, in Moscow to attend the World Conference of the Communist Party, the five-member delegation was both from the Indian Communist Party.

These differences were not only limited to international politics. After the impact of national politics. The question arises, played out on the Party in 1951, the program will be corrected from.any point of view, China is not the Soviet Union? Thus the composition of the new party program, and even daily political question arises in two contradictory opinions.

Before the sixth congress of the party’s central leadership for discussion in any agreed not to submit the draft program. Instead, both sides of the political program and the draft proposal was circulated. Unlike some on the draft of the Congress is raising a third draft.

After a long and bitter debate argue that the program was suspended. Even political proposal was not unanimous. But the general secretary Ajoy Ghosh, intervened in the debate on both sides to accept the speech. Is fixed, the relevant parts of the speech of the Congress would be accepted as a political proposal.

You can imagine, it was merely a temporary compromise. In the current economic situation on the basis of the assessment of the political situation and the faces was clearly about. Addressing the fundamental programmatic and current events in the context of interpretation and evaluation of the Sixth Congress of the split ends. Was clearly evident, and a variety of fronts in the ideological conflict between the two camps will become more intense. The next Congress to lead the National Assembly, the central works committee and the Central Secretariat of the election context. Thus, this kind of a situation and just stand in the background.

Start at the base of the vigorous debate and discuss the proposed names had been objected to. Was understood, impossible consensus panel. Cope with the situation for the formation of the party constitution, the National Assembly decided to increase the number of members is determined. After the night of heated debate in the National Assembly, action is possible associations and the Secretariat.

As a result of the new National Assembly, the central works committee and the Secretariat, non-stop inter-party struggle became a stage. It is a condition where the ongoing conflict between the two conflicting groups as equals, a temporary compromise, the conflict  continues to compromise. In 1964, the party was divided into natural outcome of this process.

(Source: E. M. S. Nambudripad. Selected Works)


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