Food quality

Food on our physical strength and mental strength and immunity to disease depends. What are causes of diseases in touch with the food. There is a close connection with the food as well as cure. This is due to the quality of the food should be introduced. If the illness is that they continue to judge the diet.


  • Raw mango – wind, bile and phlegm and blood contaminants increases.
  • Ripe mango – wind, bile and phlegm reduction, skin color (bright) is fair, gives pleasure, thirst, and fatigue away. Mango is harmful for diabetes patients.
  • Dried slice of mango – liquid closet, wind and cough away.
  • A thin cake made of the sweet mango juice – thirst, vomiting, dysentery and so are liquid closet.
  • Jack – is delayed digestion, semen and body force is developed, cough and leads to rheum and blood, bile, burning and reducing edema. Wind creates in stomach.
  • Coconut water – diarrhea and cholera beneficial and bile acids, burning and thirst is quenched. It increases urine.
  • Guava – are delayed digestion, and reduce morbidity of the three humour of the body; bile, blood and phlegm and spermatozoid increases.
  • Pears – are easily digested, and reduce morbidity of the three humours of body; bile,blood and phlegm and leads spermatozoid.
  • Custatard-apple – is delayed digestion, increased strength and flesh. Blood, bile and reduces wind.
  • Bananas – semen, flesh and cough increases. Gleet and eye disease away.
  • Red potatoes – is delayed digestion, increased strength, the mucus out of the lungs and heart.
  • Raw marmelos – to digest, clear the stool. Wind, cough, fever and diarrhea in beneficial.
  • Young cucumber – is delayed digestion. Increase semen and arthritis. Cough, leprosy, and reduces the worm.
  • Watermelon – enhances digestion, reduces wind.
  • Papaya – enhances digestion. Phlegm, bile decreases. Eye benefit. Fever, thirst, jaundice, rheumatic, urinal austerity, haemorrhage from liver, gleet, voice choked beneficial.
  • Date – late digest. Nutrition, increase strength and vigor. Haemorrhage from liver, canker, wind in the colon,vomiting, fever, breathing, coughing, drunken diseases, and disorders of bile wind away.
  • Blackberry – wind increases. Reduces phlegm and bile. Beneficial in diabetes.
  • Rose apple – enhances the taste. Late digest.
  • Pineapple – worms, influenza and fever reliever.
  • Pomegranate – is easily digestible. Increases semen, strength and intelligence. Enhances the taste of mouth. Thirst, burning, diarrhea and chronic diarrhea diseases that are beneficial.
  • Oranges – digestive, appetite increases. Eye disease, stomach disease, leprosy, indigestion, colic disease, fever, cough, vomiting, thirst, neurosis is beneficial.
  • Pomelo – enhances the taste. Wind, haemarrhage from liver, dyspnoea, tuberculosis, hiccup, edema, sourness, chronic dysentery and anaemia is beneficial.

Property of vegetables

  • India spinach – fat, energy, nutrition, cough, sleep, laziness, nettlerash grow in hives. Bile and rheum is forbidden.
  • Amaranth – the closet is clean. And increases the blood and leads to eye-sight.
  • Edible root vegetables – mucus and blood increases, reduces wind.
  • Radish vegetables – cooked with olive oil and butter enhances the power.
  • Gram spinach – cough and wind increases. And eliminate the disease of teeth and bile.
  • Bean spinach – Easily digested.
  • Pea spinach – The wind increases, reduces phlegm and bile.
  • Centella Asiatica – to clean the closet. Power, talent increases. Enhances the power of the senses. Gleet, spleen, leprosy, piles, fat, goiter, vomiting, diabetes, and dysentery away.

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