Costs and savings

At the same time that it is amazing to hear how the costs and savings possible? But today, the reality stands that should be applied in conjunction with the ordinary people with limited income. Every essential thing is to make people who purchase daily survival strategy. Which is known as the retail market. In this case, the majority of ordinary people’s income is spent. As a result, various savings schemes can not save too much. Other things, such as market and thus tends to be contracted and the market has come to an end.

According to the study of the market volume of 94 thousand rupees in Indian retail market.  I doubt, however, about the figure. I believe that the figure could rise one and half to two times. However, the essence of the other. With the expansion of the market and other substances without essentials thing was to expand the market. When the object is difficult to say what the mechanical way. Mechanical mean that the human sense of who does not.

For a few years now that is going to be different manufacturers, the step of e-Commerce alliance with the financial institutions is bound to return the money to the customers; it means cash back offer. The amount of the cash back a little compared to the price. Yet another issue is the cost of the cash back, rather than savings. People save money for the next day to deal with any disaster. Very reasonable way of saving money in the market infrastructure should be a priority. If not the market will shrink gradually.

Aggressive sales methods of temporarily bring a profit, but it is very harmful for the future. This product will be market-consistent way to deliver services to the people. Then the market will be the fulfillment of the circle. How is it to be? This approach can be applied to the cost savings. The new smart card to be introduced, and the cost of savings will have a precise balance. Suppose a family purchased 5,000 worth of monthly essentials. 10 per cent of the savings deposits in the smart card from 5,000 worth purchase, ie, 500 bucks. 

Contingencies insurance cover for that savings on the left. Compound interest at the annual rate over the accumulated amount per month, which will be added to the total accumulated amount. Catastrophe caused insurance costs will be minimal, because the cost is less than in the case of group policy. With the stock market registered a small share of the company’s customers at the end of each year, except for premium delivery. Very reasonable way the market will help to build a lasting infrastructure. A positive impact on the country’s economy, which is long.

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