March 2017

Knee pain is not going to go down. Doctors at the hospital showed, physio therapy was two weeks. Some not at all. X-rays diagnosed kartileje is broken. In September last year, came suddenly numb fingers. The doctor showed again. Gave a lot of drugs. Ate. But the reduction is not. Diabetes, high blood pressure, uric acid has been added to the knee, shoulder, finger pain. To buy drugs on the verge of being bankrupt to buy. I exercise, but there is no benefit. I think sometimes what is wrong? The doctor could not find the right source of the disease? What is counterfeit or adulterated drugs? If this is lame or death. But not yet old enough to die a natural death eight and a half years left yet. Yes, reading correct. The average life expectancy of 67.5 years in the Indians. This is, however, not to me, yesterday (March 16, 2017) is India’s health minister said the news media. 15 years after the country’s new health policy in the context of the national average life expectancy by 2025 to 70 from 67.5. 2.5 percent of GDP for the government to spend 1.7 percent currently. 1,50,000 wellness centres will be established throughout the country. Where patients receive free medication.

The funny thing is that the policy should be within the reach of its benefits reach the people it takes a lot of time. Sorry in the long-term fight to survive impossible for the poor to stay alive. A few questions come to mind as accompaniment. For exanple-doctors, medicine, medical, or earlier before a balanced diet? Or improve the standard of living before? According to deliver high-quality education at all levels of society? Answers will be negative, as the eyes can be closed. This question does not need to be a scholar. Poor common people expect the government to government benefits means great crime. What is the role of the government to the public? The government is not a profit making organization that will transform surplus at a profit. The government will formulate policy and deliver its benefits to the people quickly. Some of the problems are real. One thing is, the central government has adopted a policy, which will be distributed through the state governments. As a result, the services reach the common man has seen a lot of that is going to be late. If you would like the story so far, but there’s more. State governments, local body governments and conveyed to the general public through the service. As a result of decentralization was plenty of time. Human suffering. This is not to say that it’s never that bad decentralization.


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