Why selling of personal data will not be treated as crime?

Now-a-days personal information is not safe. We the people use internet for our own purpose and even we put our information in sign up form in any purposeful website. 

The data brokers purchase these data and sell to the online marketing companies at high price. Thus, the result comes unnecessary marketing call or SMS or email we receive everyday.

This is breach of trust. The trust breach those companies who collect personal data through their web form from millions of million, store those data then sell to the data brokers without taking no prior consent from people who ever filled up web form for their purpose.

The most guilty are those who run b2b or b2c portals and major IT players too. Aparently it looks they are providing free service but if we think the story is reverse. Because what is the value of personal information, we have to judge it first, if the conversion rate of any marketing cold call is 10%, and the same conversion rate count on SMS and marketing email and if we get total 30 spam (combining call, SMS and email), and if the products total value stand 10 lakh rupees per day, so the average value of personal information stands alone 1 lakh per day (considering the prospective client nature). In a year the average value stands 365 lakh rupees or 3.65 crore rupees. So free service story is farce. But 3.65 crore rupees value personal data will transfer to globally accessible.

In return perhaps you may get service from that first company where you first filled up their web form and mere chances of zero return. Our innocency and nature of accessing free service making billionarie limited people who once understood data is a good product when human’s personal information is the raw material.

Why international court will not count this unfair business activity as a crime to neutralise breach of trust?


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