Veg shopping

After breakfast just sit and took the phone unplugging from charger in hand, saw a missed call sign appearing on the screen. Saw she called me. Ring back, she hold the call and informed that on way of her school she saw a veg vendor is selling pointed gourd and Moringa Oleifera or drumstick tree which she likes most.

Last night we were talking what kinds of vegetable I have to buy today. The list was as follows :

  1. Potato
  2. Pointed Gourd
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Lemon
  6. Drumstick tree
  7. Bitter goud
  8. Golden apple
  9. Banana

I replied that I will go immediately. The vegetables vendors sit beside the street and nearby our home. Lock the door and I exit from home. First I purchase two kgs potato @ Rs.7/kg. I pay one 100 rupees note and the seller refund me 86 rupees. I then purchase ripe banana 6 pieces @10 rupees. Then buy 200 gram bitter gourd @10 rupees. Then 250 gram pointed gourd @20 rupees and 300 gram drumstick tree @20 rupees, and one golden apple @8 rupees. Then buy 500 gram pumpkin @10 rupees. Then two cauliflower @12 rupees and last of all 3 green lemon @10 rupees.

Yesterday I bought 500 gram ruhi fish @70 rupees and 250 gram shrimp @60 rupees. We usually eat only vegetables on Tuesday and Saturday in every week and rest five days we try to eat fish or egg in our meal,  meat normally we avoid due to control the blood pressure. We both are hyper tension and blood sugar patient and unfortunately she had gone through angioplasty in the last year.

Returning back home and keep those vegetables in the refrigerator I come in my room and saw she again called me. Ring back again, she informed that I have to buy wheat, I replied alright, I’ll go some times later and will purchase 3 kg wheat from the grocery shop.

So, this is life and we are forced to live for food.

Our daily routine life is so simple. We awake at 6:30 AM. Morning tea with two biscuits. She normally skips her breakfast due to hurryness of attending school. Her school starts from 8 AM. My breakfast is four pieces Indian hand made bread which is locally popular as ‘roti’ and vegetables within 9 AM. Our lunch time is around 2 PM, because she returns home after 1:30 PM from school. Menu is simple – Rice, pulses, fried brinjal and vegetables or fish curry or egg curry, custard at Tuesday and Saturday. Evening tea with biscuits, and dinner. The menu of dinner is very very simple, either puffed rice, or noodles or machine made bread fried potato with chopped raw onion and green chilli, ripe banana and some sweets.

Are we the reason of hunger or poverty?

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