New order

Government of India starts new agenda in bank transaction. From today (March 2, 2017) one can transact four times in a month, if crosses the limit bank will charge 150 rupees on further transaction after fourth transaction. The order stands as if any account holder either deposit or withdraw from bank greater than four times in a month, so the customer has to pay service charge 150 rupees on the per transaction.

In addition service tax will impose 5 rupees on per thousand, the monthly transaction limit for individual was fixed 2 lakh rupees per month.

BHIM the app government have developed for transaction purpose and government is highly hopeful on this app, because after launching it has installed over 1 crore and interesting the population of India is 130 crore, 40 crore bank account holders.

Government is determined to abolish paper currencies from India and aiming so every day new new agenda is coming limelight. This is a kind of war against people to snatch all fundamental rights from the people.

The supreme court is silence, no suo motto legal process is taken place from the constitution bench from the apex court. All is under finance bill to curb black money, internal terrorism and counterfeit notes.

Better government can declare that people have no right to hold personal assets (movable & immovable).


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