Google local business and the result

Google has option to enlist local business in their local search engine.

Last year I had enlisted my name have planning to start occupancy to 3-5 old age persons as like paying guest in our house. And after completion of putting information in the form I installed their app. Unfortunately could not upload photos of the building (outside and inside)

Two-three months later first enquiry via phone call from local person, and total enquiry stands 5. Everyone asks about the monthly expenses and eventually told they will convey the information to the concern person. But no business materialise. And I uninstalled that app.

Last one month the new tyranny have started that is marketing call from any eye check up clinic or like that, their versions is common, they provide medical service to the old age people. So they are calling and asking appointment.

Where there is no business other company is searching Google local business as per their wish list and calling directly if can get any business from those listing.

Around 11 AM calling bell rang, opened the door, saw a young guy was standing. He asked me is it old age home? I understood he is a marketing guy to sell his product. I said, no old age has started living here, I enlisted my name in Google local business, got 5 enqueries but none is materialise. He said his company provides medical service to the old age person who lives in old age home.

My overall experience was as such, that people think old age home means full free service so that leaving their parent from their burden and transfer the responsibility to any free service centre.

Sometimes I think, the marketing people how does calibrate and make plan the listings is their prospective business lead!


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