$20/$2 threshold line of defining global middle class vs global poverty line

Pew the independent research organisation who study the global threshold line of middle class and poor individual on the basis of 2011 purchasing power parity.

For middle class individual the number is $20 minimum daily earning. And $10 daily purchasing power parity to enter the global middle class category.

Below $2 is defined as below poverty line and the range from $2 to $19 is defined as median. It means nearer to poor, nighter middle class nor below poverty line.

Some studies often mislead people that India’s middle class growth in last two decades is sharp. But if we follow the pew report, it is easily understandable that India’s median and BPL growth is high as comparing to middle class growth.

Professor Amartya Sen nicely clarified the difference between State and Government answering the prime minister’s dig on him as ‘hard work is better than Harvard’.

Now the government is shouting that India’s growth is number one in the world. If the world ask to the Indian prime minister to table the real number of BPL, medians comparing 10 years back; I am sure he will keep shut his mouth. But right-wing’s advocacy on fictitious figure will not stop.

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