Tug of war with Royal Bengal Tiger and fishermen

Some fishermen from kultali went in the deep river among the biggest mangrove forest, Sunderban, for fishing. They were five in an ordinary boat, suddenly the Royal Bengal Tiger swimmed over the sea and attacked a fisherman out of those five and pulled him in the deep forest. When the tiger was pulling that fisherman, his colleague other two fishermen dived on the sea and tried to rescue their colleague fisherman. The tiger was attacking those two fishermen by his paw and sharp knife like nails, but they were adament to rescure the fisherman who was hold among the jaws of that tiger.

After a tough fight with the tiger finally the two fishermen was rescued their colleague fisherman from the jaws of the tiger, the three were havoc injured shredded with blood.

In the mean time the other fishermen arrived at the spot, anchoring their boat on the mud and rescured the three from that spot, admitted them to the hospital. 

Now they are fighting for life.

We can pray of their life to the Almighty.

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