The short story

Trillions of trillion short stories were printed either on papers or published in net, and most of those stories were related to romance or melodrama or satire or short experience from life or nature etc etc.

My short story is none of those categories. It is absolutely about my wordpress blog, the free blog I had started from February 6, 2017 and today is February 28. Almost 23 days I have been posting little childish texts, photos in my blog, my web diary.

Well! How this inexperienced blog is performing in the world of net, the insight is as follows :

Total posts                                   102

Views                                             519

Visitors                                          318

*** 174 visitors are not recorded in Jetpack

Likes                                                120

Comment                                            1

Search Engines (Google)   227 (views)

WordPress Reader                  47 (views)

Dailypost WordPress                3 (views)

mteadcoop                                   1 (view)

Klixion                                           1 (view)

Google+                                          1 (view)

Medium reader                             1 (view)


Google+                                  2 (clicks)

WordPress customize        2 (clicks)

Github                                     1 (click)

WordPress media                2 (clicks)

This is my short story, no more things to input, so I’m ending here.


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