Deportation, Demonetisation and Tax hike


The news is as say that 5,00,000 Indians are in tight pressure in America. According American immigration rules they are illegal immigrants who went there carried out student visa or travel visa or business visa, and after expiry of the period of those visas they did not return back to India. These 5 lakh illegal immigrants are engaged in small job and work hard in gas stations or family run restaurant or small shop or drive taxi. The american customs department, immigration department and american army are engaged to find out these illegal immigrants and deport from america as soon as possible, in this connection they are searching all possible places in 11 states of america to trace out these illegal immigrants.

The same thing is happening over Muslims, brown color people, Mexican and South Asian. Trump’s agenda is America first, American first. So no way to think that America is the place of dream who had dreamt once and tried to settle there permanently from the poor countries.

Canada is the neighbouring country to america and the Canadian prime minister who visited India last year, had expressed his view of immigration into his country from India, he reiterated that his country welcome Indian students, business people to live in Canada.

The kansas incident is a bad signal due to security question of Indian IT professionals who work in american IT companies to sell their talent and make those companies global. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft or Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google both are Indians and their origin is south part of India.

In a recent news published in China state owned news media company the first time criticise the talent hiring policy of Chinese government, there they boldly admitted that China did monumental mistake to undermine Indian IT talents and research people and they always tried to hire american and European talents instead of Indian talents.

America was not build super power depending upon only american origin. They hired talent across the globe. Temporary Indian IT firms will face trouble for Trump’s deportation policy, but slowly America has mere chance to loose the dominance in world IT industry.

The prime condition of making profit in any business depends upon cheap labour cost. Trump’s new policy clearly stated that in IT or any industry who outsource work force at cheap price from across the globe, now the minimum wages would be $1,30,000. Naturally the price of product will go up, at the same time European countries, China even India will give stress to capture the market at competitive price using the talents who will be going to deport from america. So global dominance will come fade slowly and its effect will thrash in american economy, due to loosing exchequer.


Though this is not the story of deportation of any human being from India but real fact of deportation money from the daily market transaction. Its effect stretch as long as far that more than hundred people committed suicide or death in sudden heart attack. Here the centre character of demonetisation is Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. The back ground of demonesation and deportation is same, curbing terrorism.

How the way terrorism will curb that draft is not clear but the thing is clear that these two freaky man, who thinks own self the mesiah of poor, native people is copying the footprint of Mussolini and Hitler. And common people paying huge sacrifice in their daily life.

Tax hike

What is good governance? There is many definition available in books, and experts say many explanation. I have own explanation of good governance (humiliating) – A good governance is defined if the tax is imposed in all area of life, and hiking the existing tax abruptly 13 to 15 times, giving 100% tax waiver or maximum tax concession to the rich. The new circular from West Bengal Valuation Board’s new wealth tax proposal’s draft demands to pay 13 times more tax on the existing wealth tax from the coming financial year.

If media protest, if common people protest, if celebrities protest, if intellectuals protest, if working class protest; either they will be boycoted or sent to jail. The hegemony of autocracy.

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