Nil income and social security number

Last census was done in the year 2011 in India. I have strong doubt of this eye washed census report. Because most of the report is fabricated and mixed with incomplete and inaccurate report. The enumerators who were engaged in daily wage basis to collect the data from every citizen, they never did their job accurately, neither they were reached to every citizen nor did try to understand to fill all blank boxes according to required data for the survey. Where input is inaccurate in large number then the survey of census is useless, and the scrap bunch of papers.

The same thing happened in making social security number or Permanent Account Number or Digital Ration Card.

Social Security Number or Aadhaar, I personally think, an attempt to alienate mass to avail due subsidies. Why I am saying this? The strong reason is, Aadhaar is a biometric identification system, the agencies who were hired to entry the data of every citizen, they were provided the last census report by the government, which is almost incorrect. The agency people were followed that inaccurate report and entered those data in their system, next problem was while they were taking fingers impression there the error was appearing for those who are aged. The aged persons fingers impression were not coming minimum 60%, which was the prime condition in biometric identification. That point those peoples’ data were not recorded and they were told by the agencies that the agency people will go at their residence carrying better device to take the fingers impression images. Ultimately the process was not made yet. Now government have decided that Aadhaar number is mandatory in any government transaction due to Aadhaar is incorporated in Finance bill.

PAN or Permanent Account Number is another number, and essential to every Indian to live in India. Without PAN one could not open a bank account even Jana dhan account. Out of 1.3 billion people only 27 lakh people pay income tax. Who has nil income why he will ask to submit PAN in opening a zero balance bank account number? Why BPL or Below Poverty Line and Poor people or whose annual income is less than Rs.2.5 lakh will ask to submit PAN in any financial transaction?

In UPA1 government there was implemented Food Security Bill and there was stated in the bill that every family will get 35 kgs food grain in every month at subsidised rate, there will be no discrimination in Above Poverty Line or APL and BPL. But this NDA government has changed the formulation, their model was Digital Ration Card and curtailing the quantum of food grain as well as subsidy in Public Distribution System or PDS. There were 9.3 crore ration card holders in West Bengal, a state out of 30 states in India, now the number stands only 6 crore. 3.3 crore cards are lapsed. So these 3.3 crore people are forced to oust from the PDS and throw them to the market economy to praise the business houses.

Now an APL family gets 250 gram rice and 250 gram wheat grain per head in a week. There is discrimination in price, the BPL family will get these food grain @Rs.2 per kg whereas the APL family have to pay @Rs.10 per kg for the same quality food grains. Any adult consumes minimum 250 gram food grain daily and government is alloting the same quantity for 7 days consumption. In real sense the 6 crore peoples are throwing into the market economy disobeying the food security bill which was passed in the Parliament’s upper & lower house.

Example of mine : I have no income and I never got any subsidy from the government, so what will do to bear my PAN, Aadhaar, Ration card. Though my ration card was not digitalized after applying twice. It means it is lapsed. And I am now treating as the prey of market economy whether I did not get nothing from the nation.

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