We have this, we have that, end of the day we are null

It seems very sarcastic when we the common Indians witness the Indian companies announce in their big advert that We have this, we have that and at the level of performance their all words become null.

No company follows the business ethics and its rules to serve in to to as they describe in their advert. They are lying two hundreds year back orthodox model. Interestingly their workforces are superior blunt, if you talk ever with them over phone, neither they will understand what actually customers want nor can track the market trend.

We the Indian companies are expert of cloning and main mottor to generate revenue convincing the customers, the low quality products or services at high price to buy out. 99% companies have no R&D very active and responsive department, just purchase few market survey report from any foreign or foreign collaboration companies, and in traverse way enjoy benefit of various tax concessions and tax waiver scheme also turn black money into white.

Listed companies and their share value. No scientific mechanism, they list their companies in stock exchange to draw money from market. No comprehensive infrastructure of SEBI, SFIO, the government agencies as well as ROC, even RBI.

Free zone of making profit at sky level high.


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