Three news of the day

News1: The representative of EU who is now in India to gauge the mood of Indian government with Trump’s administration, he has informed in a press meet that EU will open their door to the Indian IT professionals who may hit by Trump’s H1B policy, as aiming to reshape their IT industries with the aid of talented Indian IT professionals.

News2 : Snapdeal is going to cut their 600 employee from the job to setting up amibition to make themselves as a profitable e-commerce business withing two years.

News3 : Indian cabinet of ministers chaired by the prime minister today have announced that solar power will increase from 20,000 kW to 40,000 kW through 50 additional new solar parks.

Aparently there is no string among the above three news. But if think in.depth the very picture what initially come in mind that all is well! Is it yet?


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