No one is your friend

If you ever think deeply on the perspective of this materialistic world, you will come into the conclusion that No one is your friend.

Why I am saying such confidently? There are lot of examples in life, if you can memorise all incidences from your childhood to present day, you will find that in your various age stage many people came into your life and now count how many of them were standing aside you when you had real need of friendship.

Neutrally if you judge, surely you will reveal or reiterate that there was not a single one whom you can say as your friend.

I personally consider, a friend is nothing but a person who sought my companion to some extent until I was meaningful in perception of fulfillment the materialistic measures.

So, neither I am anyone’s friend nor anybody is my friend. In this animals jungle, every animal is struggling to survive and trying to bear own identity as far as possible.


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