Plural voice, accountability

The news was 68% of the existing work force have no workable skill and chance of loosing job in mid and senior level position. The reason is, most of these workforce passed out from private engineering colleges whose standard is very low. 

This is one grim picture in India and Indian software engineers those who were passing out from various private engineering college, not capable to give correct answer usually what taught in last semester of their engineering course. The fact was disclosed by the head of that IT company in a national level conference platform.

From the same platform the CEO of IBM had praised the Indian IT professionals that they are brilliant, innovative and India will become the biggest cognitive app development hub in near future.

I am not IT professional but interest to study various programming language and try to understand the subject. Another attractive news, Bill Gates has been advocating to impose tax on robot who snatch the man’s job.

The major problem we have created without making any pragmatic formulation how the workforce will survive if all things are done by machine. Most of the IT companies were started their journey aiming to make profit, within two decades their profit grew leaps and bounds, their share prise went up vertically, there was no insufficient cash flow. Their focus were concentrated only coding and more coding and making more profit, deciding peoples’ life.

Job – the most required search and most of the job’s condition is Hire & Fire. Most of the job is reserved for experienced professionals and no space to unskilled, semi skilled people. There are 100 renowned universities/institutions in the world and the passed out students dominate in the job market. Who cares to the other student who are passing out from other universities or institutions.

Parallely another small group dominate in the government job market, generally they are known as bureaucrat and they think they are the member of Royal family with blue blood.

When the discussion pointing of global, plural, commodities, distribution, logistic, tax (direct & indirect), the calculation sheet consider the entire population of the world, never thinking how many of them have job or high collar job!

Bookish knowledge and real life facts have hell and heaven difference even we draw the reference of plural voice – the big question of accountability of the entire system. When we see a physics graduate is sweeping the street of master in chemistry is working in a small merchant firm, then the pseudo development story seems grim.


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