Trump the president, Modi the prime minister

Interesting news is printed in today’s local news paper, trump has announced the employment generation in America is growing rapidly after his oath as the president of America. Drawing example of new proposed Intel factory in America, have possibility of 10,000 new employment for American young generation.

Being an Indian we did not surprise to read such news, because we are habituated to hear employment generation fib before elections after election. When Modi came to the power in Union government in India, he announced that he will provide 1,00,000,00 new employment to the young generation. Almost 3 years have been passing in his ruling, he or his ministry can say black & white the figure of new employment generation from 2014 to January, 2017.

Employment generation is not a magic that one can offer large scale employment to the unemployed. The economic policy is the main criteria to generate new employment. In a capitalist formation who is the ruler, a valid question automatically come in discussion table, is it any president or prime minister? The one liner answer is NO.

The original ruler is a group of capitalist who own the maximum wealth of the world. The president of the prime minister is just a face who represents on their behalf. The advantages enjoy in full those group of capitalist who used campaign to promote the particular name for the chair of the president or the prime minister.

Vote is a complex mathematics and truly in democracy vote is not the accurate reflection of mass’s verdict. I am not sure how many percentage of American citizen have voting right in general election. I had read an article of an Indian professor, who is settled in abroad, work in a foreign university, he wrote 50% or more than 50% Americans have no interest on general election and they cannot vote. In this last election how many percentage had voted that can say the media people. I am not going on that point. 

Reading various news on the recent american general election, and interacting with NY based a black lady, just one day ago I told her that on the basis of our Indian experience Hillary will not win and your next president would be Trump.

Why and how can I told her, I will put two Indian example in here, one win of West Bengal’s chief minister in the year 2011 & 2016 and the 2nd one is Modi. Now during the 6+ years in West Bengal no new employment is generated due to the government has no economic policy. The government, better say, Mamata Banerjee cultivated lumpen culture throughout the state and her supporters are young generation who are engaged in various illegal act e.g. looting public money, land mafia. Her party, All India Trinamool Congress and the top leaders of the party are involved in various scam and few are in jail. During the elections day they captured polling stations and looted publics verdict by and large, also use money power to purchase vote of the poor people.

Modi and his party Bharatiya Janata Party got 31% mandate and won in more than 50% seat due to cross voting among other oppositions. The hybrid young generation was his supporter. They have same agenda as today Trump is announcing.

How the resistance can come out? Yesterday I was reading a post here, the writer expressed his worry, as the texts were followed the general strike in america, that how can the system will change!

Division in working class is the main cause of winning Trump, Modi, Mamata. Until and unless the working class will not be united all over the globe this symptom will continue, one or many general strike is not the solution if the working class is divided.

Many person think that they are not worker. Those who work in IT sector. Because they think that they are not working in any industry where hammer is the basic working tool, they have tool, that is computer. Some person think farming labour is not pure working class because they work in agri field, they do not work in a plant.

The capitalist group most of them are the owner of media float the idea that only those who gets daily wages is only labour and come under working class, but if you work in renowned IT company, you are good paid staff and you belong into the middle class category, ironically their mind set on such propaganda. And believe they are not worker, they are professional. But never analyse that somehow they are selling their intellect labour and getting the price.

Last 30 years there did not happen any examplery incidence to motivate the young generation as they can think, demand that we have fundamental equal right of the world’s resources. Education system and the curriculum teach them to serve the capitalist not building your own nation.

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