Last night before going to sleep made the last blog post and watched the time, that was around 12 O’clock night. Did power off and went to bed, thought of sound and long sleep. Pulled the blanket and covered full body, at midnight I was feeling uneasy under the blanket, kept aside, at dawn feeling cold so pulled again the blanket and eventually awaked at morning 6:10.

Drink one glass of water, then get down on ground floor. The daily news paper was not delivered then. Walking this room to that room and waiting for the news paper. The woman who sweep the lane on every Sunday has started sweeping. Opened the main door and collapsible gate, gave her Rs.10 as her charge. The other neighbours also pay her same amount for sweeping.

I was hearing that she awaked and some times later she came down. Thirsty of morning tea. She told she is feeling drowsy due to cold and cough. I then did empty the tumbler of water on the sink of the kitchen. Got the news paper. Started reading the head lines and catchy news. In the mean time tea was ready, stopped reading the news paper. Drink tea, then finish the news paper reading.

The day is smoggy. Street dogs, cats, birds all were barking, meow, chirping perhaps they are hungry. No specific plan for today. Overall idle day, useless time. Someone say time is money. But my time has no worth of pricing. Listed in have not rows.


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