The teacher and her diary

The retired head mistress of a high school who lives nearby to our home, a struggling life she had passed past days, lost her husband, now has started to record her biography in a diary. The time she is noting in her diary from her 5 years age, completed up to 55 years age, she is now 70 years old.

Sometimes ago I went her home, she showed me her diary. I advised her to start blogging. She informed, she does not know internet using. Told her, internet is so easy, maximum 1 hour it will take to learn of accessing internet if use by smartphone. 

I also told her that I use WordPress and note something in my blog everyday, so you can note your biography in one go or splitted manner following sequence. Blogging is a good practice to talk with own self when a person becomes alone and alienate from.materialistic society.

Never think, who will read your blog posts, I think in the other way, suppose I post something today, after few days or few months I suddenly open that very post and think that there some changes is required, I would have edit option that can use and update that very post. Its the example of talking with own self and have chance to rectify if any error had exist. In real life most of the time, no chance of rectification of previous errors.

Hearing my logic, she was pleased and told me that she will start blogging soon. Wish her best success in blogging.


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