Money is powerful

A question had been spinning across the globe, who was most powerful, any warfare or any particular nation or money?

Warfare can destroy a nation or few nations. A nation can dominate their rules some part of the globe. Money has no geographical barrier, it goes everywhere and it dominates the entire system of the globe.

Now, the relevant question, which currency will control the world’s total money? The tussle is there. Exchanging currency is a mode of creating artificial crisis that affect most of the countries, either in their domestic growth or in their exim policy.

Current account deficit is common disease to the most of the countries due to non equilibrium of import export ratio.

Imperialism is the highest form of capitalism, and the main seed of capitalism is money. Money sought always its market as like as crawling mechanism as found in search engine operation.

Yesterday morning Abhik called me and talked over half an hour. He had the note, that his new business is related to forecasting of power out generated from solar panel park. He also stressed that his company have developed a software in relation to AI, machine learning and Neural Network where 15% error is the highest mark of tolerance.

Listening his points, I pointed out that they are good to predict the performance of any machine or plants, but if it thinks that it can predict the human psychology accurately and predict the accurate forecast, that is not possible on the context of total population of the globe due to different culture, life style habit, choices, food habit, education, and many more things, language is also a great barrier.

But money have no such problem. Because human’s life depending on money for exchanging anything in daily life. There is only one culture, one education, one habit, one choice and that is money.

No alternative!


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