Today is her birthday as well as invitee in a marriage party. So she had plan to purchase a good dress to wear on this for attending the marriage party. She had booked a dress in Amazon India portal and ordered to cash against delivery option, that I posted in this blog last week.

When the dress was ordered in Amazon, there showed that the item can be delivered from.17th to 21st February. Noticing that delayed delivery option immediately informed their live support that the item is needed max to max 16th February because the marriage party is fixed on 18th. And if it does not happen the order will be cancelled. Eventually the SMS from Amazon informed the delivery date is fixed on 21st. So, canceled the order. Though the dress was look good, yellow-green combination, the material is brasso.

Then she called a local lady who has retail business of ladies ready made garments. The lady came with her products and showed three-four samples. This one she choose. But the size was large, then asked that lady to alter and make it sizeable.

Her colleague came, they left for the station to ply by local train to reach the address for attending that marriage party.

Hope she looks pretty.

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