Accomplished or non-accomplished

The man whose name is Mr. A is accomplished in his all room.

The man whose name is Mr.B is non accomplished in his life

The girl whose name is Ms. C is accomplished and the girl whose name is Ms. D is non accomplished.

These Mr. A, Mr. B, Ms. C & Ms. D lives in the same locality somewhere in this planet and interestingly they are bosoom friends.

One Saturday they met in a coffee shop and decided to make a short trip in a hilly area having the plan of rock climbing. They have training of rock climbing. So it was decided that they will go on next week end.

Friday evening of the next week they met at railway station with their sky bag and catch the train to their destination. Assume the name of the place is Purulia of their destination. It takes 4 hour train journey from Howrah station.

Around 10 O’clock night the four friends reach at Purulia. There is a hill renowned for rock climbing at Purulia, and many learning stage rock climber come at that spot to do rock climbing practice to achieve their high mission to climb on the top of Everest, the highest peak  of the world.

That night they took a hotel at the Purulia town for night stay. Two side by side room they hire, dinner menu was simple as of thinking to keep body weight light. They awake early morning on the next day and hire a zeep to reach the bed of the hill, the name of the hill is Ayodhya. Reaching the bottom of the hill they left the zeep and start observing the toughest and stiff side of the hill before climbing, any tough task has adventure, and they like adventure. Observing the route, they open their bag and pull out the necessary material as use in rock climbing.

Started climbing, almost 100 ft they have climbed, suddenly they heard some rolling sound, they try to understand the source of sound but cannot detect the source, in the mean time soil and small stones are coming down on their way. They thought it is natural phenomena in rock climbing. But a little doubt was playing in mind of Mr. A. He asked his friends to postpone the climbing for that to avoid any accident if yet occur due to odd rolling sound. But other three friends were in high tempo and adventurous and null Mr. A’s proposal.

It takes just 10 second they got wet in a sunny morning not for sweating, water flow sliding on the hill wall made them wet. And they heard the final vicious sound of water flow, the sudden flood sourcing from the roof top which sweep them away, the water was filled with mud.

The next morning local tribes found their dead body and informed to the local police station. Police came, pucked the dead bodies and send to the hospital for post mortem.

The pathetic end of four young lives for freaking of adventurous nature.


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