High Alert!

Receiving the below SMS from cellular operator I became puzzled to think that what’s going wrong, is there any alert of earth quake or world war or tsunami or any peril…

HIGH ALERT! Your Data Pack is expiring on 20-Feb-2017. Balance Left: 0MB. RECHARGE now to Avoid Charges@Rs.4/MB. Dial *121*22#. Pls ignore, if recharged today.

Opening the SMS it was found that they are eager to snatch money from my pocket. Jokingly we the Indian people say that the great Indian beggars are the Indian cellular operators, because they send tons of SMS to the users every day and the main theme of those SMS are pay them money.

Idea, the cellular operator company in India has planning to merger with Vodafone but in a recent news, idea’s financial health is very bad, so that they have planning to sell their tower network. 

In my location their network is very bad and most of the hour of any day cannot avail their data service. So, why should I purchase their pre paid data pack. Reported them but the problem was not solve, because they are not in the position to install new mobile tower as improving their service in my locality.

So, I am rigid, let them send tons of SMS every day. There is no alert of accessing mobile internet when other sim is available and inserted into my handset.

Who cares Sam!


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