Just read two news that Google is going to launch their search engine service without internet connection. Very recent Google’s CEO came at Kharagpur and informed that their this endeavour is under trial and they are expected that in this year they will launch their updated app as user can access Google search without having internet connection.

The second news is very interesting, the workforce of Google are passing their nights in parking lot nearby Google’s office in their lorry or car. Why? Whether they are well paid and get all facilities at free of cost, does there any cash crunch?

No. The Google employees are saving their money in this practice of life style to save fat money from their pay package, one is saving up to 90% to lead a lavish life in future.

How long Google will allow that the future can say, but Google admits that through this practice by their employees living night in parking lot in their own vehicle violating the rules and regulations of municipality.



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