It is Spring

Yesterday Tumpa wish me of Spring season. I did not follow when it comes and when it goes. Generally I feel summer 10 to 11 months of any year. Whether India is a tropical country, here Summer is the only season though in book there has mentioned six seasons.

From the midnight the cuckoos start whistleblowing and it continues the whole day. New leaf appears on the branches of tree. I forgot to love, no expression comes in mind, my 365 of the year is equal, no extra feelings.

How a romantic man can change due to pressure of poverty, I myself is the best example. She says I dream always day dream, but I have only one asset that is DREAM! Should I stop of dreaming?

Once I had great passion to read books, now do not read a single book. Why? I cannot buy any good book and local library does not purchase any good book, they are happy with their limited old stocks.

Whatever it is spring! Whenever poverty is my fate! I do not blame anyone, I blame of my birth. And always pray to the God, O! Lord, never send any new life to the undeveloped country, the state is not a welfare country and human resources have negative value.


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