Dear Customer…

Who is Dear Customer? No one is dear in the market. There is only relation, pay money avail goods or commodities or services. And no one will be happy to pay again and again. Customers are floating elements, they always use to like bargaining, if there is available discount or offer or straight way cheap price for quality products, the customers will lean there.

We everyone knows that Amazon is a giant online market place whereas Indian Flipkart is just a wee player, but December 2016 and January 2017 Flipkart trails Amazon in sales of Smartphone in India.

So, no one is Dear Customer until you do not pass your portion of revenue to slash the products price and present them lucrative offer.

The most boring thing is Gift voucher, gift voucher is alternate sales technique of the business houses because the issue of redeeming. At the point of redeeming one has to pay the rest amount without judging the right price of the specific products.

So, neither business owner is dear nor customer is dear, money is the only dear element by nature.


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