Artificial Intelligency or Human Intelligency

Today evening, when I was diffident of Google search results which were coming out in first page, those were not my expected or required information, which I eagerly searched. The time was ticking away and neurons were turning into almost flint to think where is the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence.

Taking a pause; I changed my search inputs, and surprisingly got this lesson Neural Network

The definition – “Neural networks are a set of algorithm, modeled loosely after the human brain, that are designed to recognize patterns. They interpret sensory data through a kind of machine perception, labeling or clustering raw input. The patterns they recognize are numerical, contained in vectors, into which all real-world data, be it images, sound, text or time series, must be translated.”

Going through the full tutorial, one thing was cleared to me that human should walk so far to improve the present computer knowledge, where error would have never arise in showing any result. Giving here two examples : 

Google had developed two apps, Google Goggle & Allo. For experimenting those apps function, I installed both, I asked several questions to Allo, in most of the questions Allo was failed, few results had fetched from data store. The same thing happened with Google Goggle app, for examining I captured two images, one was an object and another one was an image of a book cover. That app cannot recognize those two images and showing on lower bar some images as stated similar images, none was similar. Until the data will not store, how can the accurate result will come!

So, when the question is about receipe; the meaning of input and output and the correctness demand always 100%, on that perception there is no space of usual algorithm if real AI have to be incorporated in daily working life in domestic or workplace to challenge the human intelligence.

Coding is poetry, yes poetry until and unless it is creative and creates a real sense machine as Pandora box to benefit towards entire human beings.

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