How can the leading newspaper publish advertisement of fraud people’s ad in their classified ad column?

It is very much surprising that how the leading newspaper in West Bengal can publish anyone’s ad in their classified column!

I will stress on it because these fraud people cheat innocent people publishing their provocative ad at low cost in the leading news paper.

If the ads follow, there it will find that they provide or arrange any type of loan to any one. Or some are fake astrologers, their ad type is – they solve all problems. Some ads are such as, install mobile tower on roof top and get million rupees etc.

If somebody call them, after few conversation they never forgot to inform about their fees or service charge.

Normally, these fake astrologer ask 500 rupees as fees and if anybody comes into their trap then they will start squeezing and suggesting to buy this stone, that stone or use ‘jantram’. And if use then luck will change, fate will turn blah blah. Eventually nothing will happen, no black magic will occur. But they will earn a lot.

Loan provider or loan facilitator, new technique to cheat people. Some are white collar startup, some reveals their startup was founded by ex Google and ex WhatsApp people. Ultimately these pseudo startup have single point programme and that is online marketing and earning of brokerage if any lead converts to sales. The small fry, they use low cost classified ad in leading news paper and attracts people and tell a nice story, very interesting thing is, if anyone ask them about any loan they always response positive. The innocent people who are not aware of procedure that how a loan can get either from bank or NBFC they come in their trap and overall loose a hepty money without getting loan from anywhere.

The same story is found in mobile tower installation ad. In every case their main focus is on processing fees or service charge which is asked in advance. If anybody pay them and after the stipulated period when notice and mildly understood nothing has happened and doubt arise, then try to catch them over mobile, but the common computerised voice can hear, “this number does not exist”. Simply means, that sim card is changed.

In a recent order Supreme Court Of India declared that within a year every mobile phone users have to produce their KYC (Know Your Customer) documents to their mobile service operator.

My point is for the sake of revenue generation should leading news paper company close their eye without verifying the authenticity of ad? The same question I will throw the major search engine company that for the sake of SEO and revenue generation through ad, should not you verify the white collar Indian startups that ultimately which products they are selling or which service they are rendering to the people?

If media do strict restriction on their advertisement policy (print, electronic, digital even search engine) and check authenticity of each advertisement then innocent people can get relief from these frauds. 

The chitgate in West Bengal have ruined millions of million people and the media were same responsible to give them space to move speedy forward.


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