Online flirting and its destiny

Growing various social media apps and chat apps the tendency of flirting also growing exponentially. It’s a psychological disorder and in connection to mental complex and pervertion too.

Peoples have various reason of complexity – biological, financial, social, political, environmental and many more. Why people spare most hours in online? Just for exposing own self?

It has observed that who has no real life social connectivity and make isolate from surrounding society, just bursts in social media. The hidden wish which was never disclosed to anyone in real life, that sluice gate opens in social media platform and boldly say anything to anyone even propose serially one by one. Generally words are same, way of talking is same.

They feel cherrish 

Last few years we are reading news of committing suicide and commiting homicide after acquainting in social media, growing relation, dating and then the sad sequence.

Social scients can explain nicely, being a common man one thing I can say about this incidences that it borns from insecurity. The man whose life is secured and stabled, usually do not use popular social sites, except some professional social platform. Here I am not taking any name.

Where there is rush the possibility of occurance of crime is inevitable. People do crime either in sense or in no sense. However, the destiny is always not good. Exception also exist there.

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